TradeGecko - best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

TradeGecko: Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin 2020

Manage Your Inventory Efficiently Now With Tradegecko – The Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin of 2020.

Are you finding yourself in the midst of chaos while operating your online business effectively?

Well, a business especially if you’re a brand owner having a wholesale business or you deal with consumer WooCommerce business or you’re a distributor- one of the crucial operations that take place is WooCommerce inventory management.

Operating an eCommerce site includes product’s history checking, current products in hand checking, the number of stocks you need, the volume of your inventory, comparing retailer price to wholesale price, managing customers’ details, tracking the best customers, and the list goes on.

And you scratch your head while doing it effectively. Right?

Well, you’re not alone in this scenario.

Business owners all over the world have a hard time managing their store inventory. And the situation becomes worse when you start having a good amount of customers to satisfy.

Well, fret no more!

With TradeGecko, one of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins, you can take more orders, and sell more without a hassle, if you have a WooCommerce store.

And did we mention, your customer satisfaction will be guaranteed with effective inventory management?

Well, it’s definitely a yes!

Since this WooCommerce inventory management software allows you to work smarter while taking care of your inventory and orders; your customers will undoubtedly be satisfied. Meanwhile, you’ll have more time to grow your WooCommerce store.

The Importance of having this WooCommerce inventory management plugin

Order fulfillment is not an easy-breezy task.

And let us tell you, it is becoming more and more complicated as the global supply chain has become more connected and consumer’s expectations and behaviors are constantly changing.

With so many complications inventory management has never been of this much significance than in this present era.

Have a look at the stats to have a clearer picture of the importance of maintaining your inventory,

  • 34% of businesses have shipped and order late due to unconsciously sold products that were not in stock.
  • The worldwide cost of inventory distortion including shrinkage, overstock, and stockouts is estimated at $1.1 trillion by 2019.
  • Cutting off issues like stock-outs and overstocks can bring down your inventory costs by 10%.

So, managing your inventory doesn’t only lead you to customer satisfaction but also the value tied up with your inventory can be used elsewhere for your business, be it expansion, employee recruitment, development, research, and so on.

And retailers have slowly started to realize the power of effective inventory management.

 It confirms that 72% of all the retailers are planning to leverage real-time inventory management by the automation process.

That’s where TradeGecko crawls in with its effective feature of warehouse management, making it one of the best WooCommerce inventory management software at present.

TradeGecko Features: What makes TradeGecko capable of handling your inventory effectively?

Let’s have a look at the range of features for which TradeGecko is considered to be the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

  1. Inventory Control

The inventory control feature allows you to make instant reorders avoid stockouts and notifies you with every sale and purchase updates.

Also, the software makes you enable of dealing with your inventory in multiple currencies and across multiple warehouses.

We’ve broken the complete feature in 14 different parts to make you comprehend it in an efficient manner, have a look

  • Inventory List

You can now view the entire product’s list.

Check the current number of products you’ve in your hand for each location along with the committed stock number for location.

Also, it shows you the product costs, stock history and moving average cost also known as MAC.

  • Product Details

You can edit your product details to meet the customer’s expectations.

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin allows you to edit information like SKU code, supplier code, barcode, multiple images, weight, multiple price lists including retail and wholesale, description, pack sizes, sellable option, and any notes.

  • Product History

Now check your product history with easy and convenient steps.

This plugin allows you to see a comprehensive detailed product history that includes quantity, assigned team members and date.

  • Product Variants

Not all of your customers will fit in the same cloth size, right?

Each product can have several other similar products that differ in size, color, weight, pack sizes, etc.

  • Bundles, pack sizes, and product details

Now you can edit the details with this software and define the items to be sold as one unit.

  • Barcode Scanning

In a piled-up stock, finding the right product might be a tedious job.

But with a barcode scanner, you can easily search a product while entering the item information.

This efficient WooCommerce stock management plugin holds the capability to work with each form of barcode scanners.

  • Inventory Details Report

TradeGecko WooCommerce stock manager allows you to check the entire stock you currently have in your hand with additional location filtering feature.

Also, you can check the detailed information for each product and its variants.

  • Reorder Report

Now you can directly access your reorder page while checking the number of products and its variants to reorder simply with this WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

  • Stock Adjustments

This top-notch WordPress inventory plugin allows you to control your stock levels for new products.

You can increase or decrease the stock levels and manage the returns, shrinkage, damages, and others.

  • Inventory Stock on Hand Report

Now manage your cost with efficient and simple steps.

With TradeGecko you can manage the inventory value, retail price, retail value, profit margin, profit value for the stock on hand.

  • Incoming Stock Report

You can check the incoming stock and cost by the supplier for each product and its variants.

This WooCommerce stock management software will allow you to check the incoming stock report including suppliers’ names, stock on hand, the total cost of incoming stock, etc.

  • Location Wise Report

You can filter the warehouse’s location and check the number of stocks currently available on hand.

And also it shows you detailed information like last ordered stock, inventory value, etc.

  • Stock on Hand

With every selling, this WooCommerce inventory management plugin automatically updates the inventory lists without a delay.

  • Received Stocks

Every time the order is fulfilled or a customer receives the order, this software updates its list of stock on hand.

  1. Inventory Optimization

Have you ever felt the embarrassing scenario of going understock?

And the next time you wanted to do better hence you had more stocks than the requirements.

The scenario of going understock or overstock is the same as both times you’re on the losing side.

With TradeGecko’s inventory optimization system you can have everything immensely balanced.

So, have the required amount of stocks only in the right place with this tool.

The inventory optimization includes three-step methods including automated demand forecasting, inventory optimization metrics, setting up reorder points, etc.

  • Automated Demand Forecasting

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer then this is the perfect feature you should opt for.

It shields you with a complete automated demand forecasting system allowing you to avail accurate forecasts all over your sales channels.

  • Inventory Optimization Metrics

Get automated metrics for lead demand, order quantity, reorder point, quantity, etc.

  • Set up Reorder Points

Now set up the reorder points with accurate information received through the inventory optimization system.

  1. Warehouse Management

TradeGecko, a WordPress inventory plugin allows you to manage your inventory movement such as shipping, picking, receiving, packing, etc. for all your eCommerce sites built on WordPress.

Through this single platform, you can now manage your inventory across multiple locations.

Let’s have a look at how TradeGecko assists you with Warehouse management,

  • Transferring and receiving stocks between multiple warehouses

Now transferring stocks between multiple warehouses has become easier like never before. You can easily create a transfer document and manage your shifting.

Now, the receiving of stocks has never been this easier too.

Once you set a purchase order on the warehouse management system and specify the receiving location, the order directly stock into the said location.

Isn’t it amazing?

  • Satisfy your customers easily with easy location tracking

With this WooCommerce inventory management plugin, you can easily manage your customers of multiple locations.

Once the order is fulfilled, the software will remove the stock order from that location.

Adding to this, you can also track the order in the different warehouse and once it reaches the shipping stage, you can take a print out of the pick lists.

  • Location Report

You can check the number of stocks available in multiple warehouses along with the categories such as stock on hand, last ordered stock, committed stock, last purchased stock, profit value, and inventory value, etc.

  • Access Remotely

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin allows you to work remotely in multiple warehouses directly from the head office and inform your warehouse workers about the up-to-date delivery.

These features also allow you to keep some information like supplier information confidential.

4. Order Management

Do you want a one-stop-solution for your WooCommerce inventory management?

Well, TradeGecko’s order management software makes the job pretty simple keeping all your orders in sync with the inventory and supplier.

The software allows you to keep your orders in sync with the inventory, access sales real-time sales reports, track order on-the-go with your iOS mobile application, fulfill your orders with an easy and convenient way.

5. Multichannel Sales Management

TradeGecko’s multichannel sale’s management software allows you to sell effortlessly on Amazon, B2C eCommerce such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Here’s how multichannel sale’s management features benefits you,

  • Allows you to sell internationally

Now you can conduct the limitless transactions on multiple currencies without an issue through this WooCommerce inventory management plugin.

You can sell online to your global customers and manage your accounting along with inventory in your base currency with this plugin.

  • Avoid stockout

Tradegecko updates automatically whenever you sell an item on any of the multiple sales channels.

So, you can always have updated information about your stock and manage it accordingly and it prevents you from stock-outs or overstock.

  • Upload product on all channels without a hassle

You don’t have to go to every sales channel to update your product information.

Tradegecko allows you to update your sales within this platform and it automatically pushes the information to multiple channels.

  • Manage orders on different channel

Irrespective of the number of sales channels you’ve, you can manage your orders efficiently within this platform.

6. Wholesale Inventory Management

Are you a wholesaler?

Well, you’ve landed on the perfect plugin as TradeGecko’s automated wholesale inventory management allows you to multiply your sales while gaining loyal customers through the B2B platform.

The wholesale inventory management holds the features like;

  • Creating professional sales quotes for your customers.
  • You can email your sales quotes to potential customers using the TradeGecko interface.
  • You can set and differentiate the wholesale prices from retail prices.
  • This WooCommerce stock management plugin also allows you to assign special price lists for different customers.
  • You can bring down the cost of bulk amounts to encourage your customers to buy more.
  • It allows you to operate in different currencies.

7. Managing Price Lists

Don’t you want to captivate the eyeballs of your special customers with additional discounts?

With TradeGecko, a WooCommerce inventory management plugin, you can allow special price lists to your best customers and retain them for a long period of time (maybe forever).

Price lists management also helps you to easily update the prices of your stocks using a single platform. So, cut the hassle out now and make your business operation easier than ever.

8. Sales Reports Management

With sales report management you can track down all your sales history, previous orders, issue date, customer’s name, shipment date, invoice number, sales volume, payment status, fulfillment status, tax, and profit margin on the go.

Let’s have a look at the features of this software,

  • Identify the best customers, best-performing sales, top sales locations, and popular products all under the sales report matrics.
  • Check the product history of each variant.
  • Check the sales history report by customer name, sales representative name, channel name, etc.
  • You can also track down the sales order by filtering products, customer name, product type, channel name, location, etc.

9. Shipping Management

You can manage your shipping with TradeGecko easily. How?

Well, this WooCommerce inventory management software allows you to create multiple shipping zones for different countries and regions.

Depending upon the value of the orders you receive, you can charge your shipping rates.

This software allows you to create different shipping rates according to the order, shipping zone, etc.

10. Purchase Order Management

With TradeGecko’s purchase order management feature you can now bring down the hefty amount of time taken by manual order management. The features assist you with the following,

  • Creating and editing purchase orders

TradeGecko automatically puts the supplier information when you create a purchase order.

So, you can cut down the time taken by manually inputting and extracting information from your spread-sheet.

  • Adding products via barcode

Creating your purchasing order has never been this easier. Ask me how?

Well, this plugin simply makes your product appear on the purchase order by scanning the barcode.

  • Keep your suppliers updated

Once you create a purchase order, you can simply mail the suppliers using TradeGecko’s interface and keep your suppliers up-to-date about the stock information.

11. Backorder Management

Backorder management features help you to fulfill your customers’ demands on time.

Let’s have a look at how backorder management helps you out with your inventory management,

  • Combining sales orders and make them a single purchase order.
  • Update your sales orders and purchase orders simultaneously.
  • Avoid stock-outs and overstock.

12. CRM Inventory Management

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin automatically keeps track of your customers’ details related to their preference and assists you to predict their behavior in the future.

The CRM inventory management helps you with the following,

  • Record your customers’ order details.
  • Track down the important details about your customers and inform your team members about the same.
  • For your best customers, you can offer them additional discounts and retain them for a long time.
  • The best part of this CRM management tool is that you can allow access to certain team members and prevent others from accessing.

13. First in First Out Process

Is it possible for you to manually keep track of all of your stocks and specify them according to their expiry date?

Well, it’ll surely snatch your sleep for days.

So, don’t get bogged down by overwhelming tasks and upgraded to TradeGecko’s easy-to-manage batch and expiry tracking. It will help you to,

  • You can trace your products throughout their journey and assign batches to each product.
  • You can cut down the spoilage of products by tracking their expiry and add additional discounts to products which are going to expire soon.
  • Send the right stock to the right customers with this FIFO approach.

14. Easy Account Management

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin allows you to manage your account with an easy and convenient process. How?

Well, you can have automated invoicing and track down your profit margin and overall costs.

Adding to this, it allows you to operate your business in multiple currencies around the globe while keeping all the details of account reports in your base currency to better understand the overall expenses and profit.

Some of these features highlights,

  • Adding transport costs along with taxes to get an accurate account report.
  • You can calculate the moving average cost.
  • Generate invoices with just one click.
  • Wanna know the best part? TradeGecko allows you to integrate with Xero ( an accounting software). So, if you’re already using Xero, TradeGecko doesn’t make the job complicated.

TradeGecko Pricing

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin brings on the most affordable packages for managing your inventory with a starter pack of $39 per month. Also, they offer 14 days free trial to give you an overview of how they operate. Have a look at the features they offer under their pack,

Founder – $39/pm billed annually

Lite – $59/pm billed annually

Small Business – $ 159/pm billed annually

Business – $479/pm billed annually

1 Users

2 Users

5 Users

8 Users

1 sales channel integration

1 sales channel integration

2 sales channel integration

3 sales channel integration

50 sales order per month

300 sales order per month

1000 sales order per month

3000 sales order per month

Accounting integration

Accounting integration

Accounting integration

Accounting integration

Number of currencies

Number of currencies

Number of currencies

Number of currencies

Single Warehouse

Single Warehouse

Number of warehouses

Number of warehouses

Tradegecko Payments*

Tradegecko Payments*

Tradegecko Payments*

Tradegecko Payments*

Zonal shipping rates

Zonal shipping rates

Zonal shipping rates

Zonal shipping rates

24/7 email customer support

24/7 email customer support

24/7 email customer support

24/7 email customer support



Basic user rights

Advanced user rights



B2B eCommerce platform

B2B eCommerce platform



Batch & expiry tracking

Batch & expiry tracking



Tradegecko manufacturing

Tradegecko manufacturing



2 hours setup assistance

4 hours setup assistance



Account manager

Account manager




Demand forecasting




API access




Advance B2B customization




FBA integration




Warehouse management apps

How do you login to TradeGecko?

If you don’t have an account on TradeGecko yet, then get your business registered following these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Login to look for the login to TradeGecko’s official website.
  • Step 2: Click on the Get Started button on the right side of the web page.
  • Step 3: You will be redirected to a login page. That looks something like this,

Once you fill in the details, you’ll be registered with this WooCommerce inventory management plugin for the 14-day trial offer.

Once your trial ends, you can decide whether to continue with their paid service or not.

But undoubtedly, you’ll fall in love with this automated plugin’s features which leads your business to grow.

What’s your take?

We’ve penned down the best features of tradeGecko, a WooCommerce inventory management plugin to cut the hassle out for you.

Summing it up, you can analyze yourself why TradeGecko is considered one of the best WordPress inventory plugin off late.

So, don’t make yourself suffer anymore, leverage these great features of TradeGecko and extent your business full-fledged.

If you’re using TradeGecko, share us your thoughts below. We would love to hear from you.

That’s All! Thanks!

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