Go Virtual. Gaze 10 Best Online Conference Call Softwares | Apps

Go Virtual. Gaze 12 Best Online Conference Call Softwares | Apps

With the outbreak of coronavirus also known as COVID19, companies are making arrangements to support work from home facilities. The government has forced everyone to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease. But, this doesn’t mean you’ve to limit your productivity. Right? So, companies are leveraging some of the best online conferencing tools in order to stay virtually connected with their members and keep the revenue rolling. But which of them is the best or ideal for you? Well, this article talks exactly about this and evades all your confusion here.

Earlier when you used to walk to your office, there used to be meetings, face-to-face conferences, client calls, and the list goes on, right? But, while you are at your home, you don’t have to attend all of these. But will it hamper productivity? What if a colleague needs your help and you can’t make him understand over a phone call? What if your boss needs to share some of his ideas?

Well, one of the best digital things that happened these days is the best online conference call software. These reliable conferencing apps can help remote workers to stay connected with their fellow colleagues.

These tools not only help you to stay connected with your colleagues only but also help global clients to engage with the work process. And have not yet noticed the cost-efficiency here?

Well, fret not; we won’t keep any secrets from you.

Previously companies used to invest a large portion of their profit in traveling around the world, meeting a single client in a location. With these best online conference call software now you can save up the cost, as you can virtually meet the clients and have a face-to-face chat.

Are you ready to gaze at the list of the most important tools at present? Let’s get started,

1: GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the best web conferencing software powered by LogMeIn. You can perform audio conferencing, video conferencing, and screen sharing. It is available both for desktop mode and mobile mode. The best feature of this software is its mobile-friendliness. The company has considered the escalating number of smartphone users hence they made their app mobile compatible. The features are also user-friendly so even if you are using this app for the first time, you won’t face any issue.

The mobile app is available both for iOS and Android. People around the world have given positive reviews for both of these apps. This volume of positive reviews definitely speaks for the quality and visibility of the app.

But, the video conferencing app is only available for paid users.

The price starts at $14 per month or you can choose for annual payment which will cost you $12 per month. This is the standard plan for every people. However, there is a business plan which starts at $19 or $16 depending on the billing method. The business plan is for 250 participants whereas the enterprise plan is for 3000 participants.

So, opt for seamless communication with GoToMeeting paid plans and stop limiting your productivity.

2: Cyberlink U Meeting

CyberLink was first founded in 1996 by a Taiwanese multimedia software company. Later the company integrated its video conferencing solution with the name U meeting. It’s one of the best offerings you both video and audio conferencing along with screen sharing. It’s a paid video conferencing app but it ensures seamless communication with you and your colleague.

The pricing packages are classified into 4 plans. The basic plans can include 25 participants and it’s free. The Pro 50 plans start at $29.99 per month. It can have 50 participants and 24 hours stretched meeting, perfect cam, admin tools to ensure quality calls. The Pro 100 starts at $49.99 that offers 100 participants along with all other features.

They have specially designed an enterprise plan which combined all the above plans including premium customer support, meeting analysis, end-to-end encryption, etc.

However, the perfect cam comes under all the above-paid plans so you can put a little makeup on your face if you want to. The only challenge of this tool is that it doesn’t offer the recording option.

3: Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meeting is the best best online conference call software available at present. It’s a messaging and video conferencing app available both for mobile and desktop devices. The app provides the easiest solutions in terms of offering saleable features and quick set up. Also, it supports HD audio and video calls within an affordable range.

There is a couple of software available when it comes to video and audio conferencing. But the features that set this zoom meeting apart are; its ability to support 1k participants at a time, 49 videos on a screen, ability to save the video on cloud, screen sharing, etc.

On top of these, the team chats feature helps a user to share files. If you want to discuss the confidential topics during these remote working times Zoom meeting can help you with this. It has a 256-bit TLS encryption for shared files and meetings.

You can opt for a free trial that can accommodate 100 people for 40 minutes. But the paid plan starts at $14.99/month for dedicated enterprises or businesses.

4: BlueJeans

Bluejeans started back in 2009. The company is based in California. They provide an interoperable video conferencing platform that too cloud-based. So, you don’t have to worry about your recording features. Both the video and audio can be recorded and stored on the cloud.

The basic plan is free for 30 days. You can make audio calls over 40 countries. However, there won’t be many features accessible within this basic feature. But, the Paid plan starts at $14.99/month/user. You can connect from any device even from your android or iOS devices, and attend meetings. This plan only supports 50 participants.

If you want to increase the number of participants then there is another plan that starts at $19.99 that includes 10 hours cloud recording, and 75 participants, along with the command center dashboard.

The ‘Me’ tier costs $14.99 per month per user when paid annually. Users can have up to 50 attendees, connect from any computer, iOS or Android device and all meetings include dial-in numbers.

5: Google Hangouts Meet

Google hangouts meet is another great product that many of the small business companies are already using. With an aim to provide a super-fast conferencing service, the hangout meet was specially designed by Google to cater to business needs.

It can support a great number of users at the same time besides providing a fast interface which prevents the low-quality.

With the rising user number, Google has improved its hangout version. Now you can seamlessly use this tool with the web app experience. This means you don’t need to download the tool. The improved version ensures zero drop-outs inline quality and optimum level of user experience.

The app is available both for android and iOS devices. But, you can use the existing conferencing hardware by using SIP.

Wait!! Are you still missing the best perks?

Since its integrated with G-suit, you can use other Google’s features like Google calendar to set up a meeting and client calls. The main reason why most of the small business owners prefer this Google hangout meets is due to its low monthly costs.

6: Lifesize

Looking for the best video conferencing software with a high-quality video? Well, Lifesize is one of the best tools available at present. Since its inception in 2003, the company made a great impression on business owners.

Now in times of need, this tool offers you the best solution with a cloud-based video platform, high definition video, and touch screen conference room, etc.

They offer you three tier-based plans. At first, there were no free plans available, but with the integration with lifesize Go, they have introduced a free trial to its wide range features including unlimited calls and desktop screen sharing with 8particpant, no meeting length, no need of app download.

However, they have specially designed their plans for small to big enterprises. The standard plan starts at $16.95/month with unlimited meetings and 100 participants. This also offers you a chat and support features.

The plus plan is designed for small to midsize companies with a starting price of $14.94 and the cheapest plan starts at $12.95/month. Each of these plans offers you unlimited video and audio calling, premium support, and video recording (the timing varies as per the plan).

7: Skype

Skype is a common name for everyone. We all know its usage and functionalities. It’s more like a household name serving millions of users over the years.

This app can be used in a web browser, which is pretty amazing for some people. This has every feature available that a video conferencing app will provide you including the screen sharing features, live subtitle, and ability to record videos.

This also allows you to make the background blur while you are communicating to focus on a particular person. However, if you want to use its full features then you need to upgrade it with its cost-effective plans. This will offer you chat support, 250 participants, top-notch security, and office integration.

8: FreeConference

FreeConference is a simplified video conferencing app that doesn’t require you to install any app. If you want to use this on mobile, then there are apps available both for the Android and iOS platforms.

But, you can also use its features through any web browser. You can access video chat features, audio chat features, file sharing, and screen sharing, and so on.

You can record calls if you want, manage, and schedule meetings through this platform. The free platform doesn’t offer you advanced security features and video recording. But you can avail of the premium features paying minimum prices. The free version allows you up to 5 participants and it’s also powerful for small startups.

9: Cisco Webex Meetings

The Cisco WebEx meeting won’t disappoint you if you choose it as your best online conference call software. There are various plans supporting your needs and suitability. But, if you want to use it normally, then the free version will work fine. This offers you HD video calling of up to 100 participants, screen sharing and also private chat option.

The tool is available both as an app and a web browser. When you sign up through the web browser there will be a URL that you can use in the future for all your meetings.

The Free features offer you 1GB cloud storage, MP4 recording ability, unlimited video without any restriction. So, it’s quite enough if you have a small team of workers. When it’s a concern for security then let us tell you that its TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encrypted. Also, it has a brand name of cisco which is known for its optimum performance.

10: RingCentral Meeting

Looking for amazing free plans for your video conferencing app? Well, the ring central is one of the tools that have been highly recommended by experts. Irrespective of the platforms you use it works seamlessly in all.

With the lowest plan, you can avail of its top-notch features that might be helpful in times of remote working. The free plan offers the unimaginable value itself. So if you have a small team of workers with minimum need for meeting on a scheduled basis, then the free version will simply work fine for your requirements.

11: Amazon Chime

Amazon requires no new introduction as this has already made its mark in the industry. Amazon chime is one of the best online communication software with a built-in VOIP solution. You can conduct online meetings, audio-video callings, and a lot more with this amazon chime service.

Users can have private audio conferences apart from group meetings with this technology. Also, you can easily send texts and emails while staying on the conference call and conduct a lot more with its minimum pricing.

If you’re not getting convinced over its features, then there is pay per use option that you can use prior to subscribing to this video conferencing tool permanently. You can test its features out while paying the minimum for per use basis. This is ideal for all business types irrespective of its size and scale.

12: Fuze

Fuze is basically a cloud-based online conferencing software that allows you to conduct a number of basic to premium activities including but not limited to video conferencing, PBX voice service, collaboration tools, instant messaging, content sharing, etc.

Since Fuze is integrated with popular CRM, CTI, and other click-to-call solutions this is an ideal solution for all business types. Compared to other video or audio conferencing software Fuze comes with affordable plans, easy to use interface, and seamless performance.


During the COVID 19 outbreak, it’s important to maintain social distance to stop the pandemic. Hence every company has been working remotely.

The entire globe is working remotely except for a few organizations. But some of the business owners have this notion that work from home doesn’t ensure productivity.

So, let’s break this notion with this amazing online conferencing tool that never limits your productivity and always keeps you connected to your fellow members.

These best online conference call software’s will help you not to limit productivity. There are a number of tools available, but the above list insists on the best ones in terms of the highest reviews and optimum user-friendliness.

After conducting thorough research and comparison, we would recommend zoom meetings or google hangouts as one of the ideal solutions for your online conferencing apps. But, you have full independence to judge every feature on your own and seal the best deal.

However, if you find this list helpful, drop us a comment. We would like to know your thoughts on this.

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