Sell Monthly Subscriptions: How To Sell Memberships Online

Did you know that you could sell your membership anytime you want to? Well, a lot of people are aware of the term WordPress membership sites, but most of them may not have heard of selling their memberships. Right?

Normally, any WordPress membership site allows you to sell a single subscription, but you can actually sell group subscriptions for your business. People can add their own members to their team when you sell it.

If you’re wondering how to sell memberships online, stay connected with us till the last to resolve all your queries.

Prior to jumping into the section where we will explain the process of how you can make money selling memberships, let’s first understand the reason behind creating a WordPress membership site.

The Importance Of Creating WordPress Membership Sites

People may have different purposes for creating websites. Some want to build their online presence through a website, some want to start their online venture with a site and some may want to earn revenues through their online site.

When we talk about earning money from websites, the first thing that comes to our mind is, advertising or affiliation, right?

But what if there are other methods of earning money online through your website?

Yes! You heard it right. There is an alternative way to make an easy monetization path by creating a WordPress membership site. Now you can sell your courses, create a great community through these membership sites.

All you will need to get started are a website domain, a web hosting account, and WordPress membership plugins to simplify the entire process.

This means you can get started with a membership website today without knowing a single coding. By creating a membership site, you can make things easier for your brand or company to sell your products or courses in bulk. It could be used for volunteer groups, business owners, teachers, or any groups.

Sell Memberships Subscriptions: How To Sell Group Memberships In WordPress

In order to sell memberships on WordPress, we will be showing you the following tutorial using the ideal WordPress membership plugin MemberPress. To get started with the process, you’ve to activate the plugin on your website.

Then follow the process with us,

  • Head over to the MemberPress >> Settings >> License page. The page will appear like this,

License page

Note: You can find the license key from the MemberPress account, you’ve just created.

  • In the following step, you have to set up a single payment gateway so that people can pay to unlock the paid content. Head over to the payment tab >> click the (+) button to select the payment gateway. You can choose the gateway from the dropdown list appears like this,

payment gateway

  • In the next step, you have to enable the membership feature. So, for that click on the Memberpress >> add-on and then click the Install add-on button. This will direct you towards the corporate account add-on page.

Once you’re done with the following step, you can sell your WordPress membership accounts for your teams. But, you’re left with one more step and that is to create the membership subscription again.

Creating A New Subscription On Membership Website

Membership sites can be one of the best revenue systems for your business. There are various models that you can consider for your membership site but let’s first understand how to create a new subscription for your membership site.

Follow the steps with us,

Simply head over to the MemberPress >> Memberships page >> Add New.

The page will appear like this,

Creating Subscription

  • Now enter the name of the title for the plan and set a price for the membership plan. You can sell monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions if you want.
  • In the next phase, you have to click on the advanced section to set the content access to only the members. Also, in this phase, you have to set up a maximum number for the sub-accounts.
  • Once you’re done with the above setting, click on the publish button. This will save all the settings.

Adding New Rules For The Members & Non-Members On Group Membership Site

If you want to earn decent revenue from your WordPress membership site, it’s important to set the rules accordingly. It will help you to block the access from non-members. Follow the steps with us,

  • Head over to the MemberPress >> rules from your dashboard.
  • Click on the “add new” section.

In order to set the rules, you can select the “child pages of” from the dropdown list of “protected content”. Then select the access conditions dropdown menu. This will help you select the membership access.

Ways To Select Group Membership Plans

Choosing a membership plan is one of the most daunting tasks. There are various ways to earn revenues from a WordPress membership site. We will discuss the popular strategies here to help you select the ideal membership plan,

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 1Sell Monthly Subscriptions

This is one of the evergreen models of selling subscriptions. In fact, you can earn a decent amount by shifting to this plan. Selling the monthly subscriptions means that each month your members will be given access to certain content. If someone joins in January, they will start receiving the content at the beginning of every month.

But if a person joins in the middle of the year, he will be given access to the previous content as well. You can also set a fixed date when the content will be available.

This model works best if you have courses to sell. If you have seen how the popular academic courses function, you will understand the model pretty clearly.

It’s also called recurring revenue that goes a long way if you can make it work.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 2Start At Sign Up

This is another model that works great when you want to increase the customer’s value. Members of this model will receive monthly content at a prefixed date.

But if anyone joins in the middle of a year, he won’t be given access to the previous content. They can purchase the previous content if they want.

You can invite such members to pay for the locked content. This will add further profit to your business.

Many of the successful business models have earned a decent profit using this model.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 3All Content Access to Active Members

This is a buffet type of online membership where people will be given all access to the content of your past months along with the new ones.

Going forth, this membership plan is great when you are interested in making people know about a particular service or product that you are offering. This will be an ideal choice to make them aware of your offerings.


Membership websites are definitely a great choice to open up the doorway towards additional revenue. You can make people aware of your services and products while earning at the same time.

Prior to the advent of membership sites, there were only two methods to earn a decent amount from your websites. But, today you can use the previous methods along with the membership sites to multiply your revenue.

Building a membership site and selling it on WordPress may not seem an easy task at the initial stage but if you follow these simple processes mentioned above, this could be easier than ever. You can also fetch reports on your member site’s performance to optimize it for better.

If this guide has helped you sell memberships online, then kindly let us know in the comment section. We would love to know your experiences with selling a WordPress membership.

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