How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Via Video Marketing

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Via Video Marketing

Imagine, you launched your eCommerce site, you put all your efforts into it and finally you start seeing your site sessions increasing, people are leaving positive feedbacks, the number of your social media followers is slowly escalating.

But you’re still depressed looking at your sales graph!!!

Do you know what’s the sad news to be distressed over here?

Amidst all those positive waves, your sales graph is still flat. And in order to stay afloat in this cut-throat competitive era, your sales need to grow over time, right?

So, what could be the easiest, quickest and relatively inexpensive solution here? Can you guess?

Well, your answer could be the latest video marketing tactics that major eCommerce sites have been incorporating and seeing this huge upsurge in their conversion rates.

It’s not just a fictional storyline that video marketing can boost your eCommerce conversion rate, it’s a fact.

Apart from the scientific fact that our brain can process video information 60,000 times quicker than the text, let’s look at the statistics below,

  • 54% of people desire to see video content from marketers.
  • 73% of people prefer watching “entertaining” videos on social media.
  • This is the shocking one that states 73% more visitors will buy a product after watching a video.

Aren’t these statistics compelling enough to tell you that you should be taking advantage of this video marketing if you are seeing a flat graph in your sales?

If you are still struggling to find out its significance, then let’s dig a bit deeper into this,

Tik-Tik-Tik: Why are Videos so Important for E-commerce Business?

There can’t be any denial that videos are entertaining, right?

Adding to this, this is the age where videos are performing shockingly well other than text-based content, info-graphics, and so on.

Ration of who see videos and who do not

James Wedmore says, “Stop thinking of video marketing as this separate entity that is optional for your business. A video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.”

In fact, people prefer watching videos over reading blunt text. Can you recall the last time you read a newspaper rather than watching videos over the internet?

I’m sure you’re trying to think too hard. Fret not! You are not alone in this.

In fact, one of the top car parts retailer brands advanced auto parts found that including videos on their sites has made their user stay twice as long as earlier.

Not only today but from the earlier days when the first TV commercial started, it also grabbed people’s attention drastically.

So, videos are the evergreen marketing tool.

It has the ingrained ability to convert an audience to a customer. In fact, online shoppers are 1.6x more likely to convert after watching a product video.

Although earlier it was quite a challenging task to make a video. But, the scenario has changed radically over the years.
We don’t have incompatible technologies, sluggish connections, and a lack of expertise to prevent us from making a video today.

So, it’s time to reiterate your video marketing strategies once again for your eCommerce site to boost its conversion rate.

Increasing Conversions with Video Marketing in Two20!

Do you know the reason why video marketing has been an evergreen marketing tool? Well, primarily it deals with consumer psychology.

Apart from the fact that we have stated earlier that our brains can process a video 60,000 times faster than the text, there are other reasons and ways to increase the conversion of your eCommerce site with video marketing tactics.

Let’s have a look,

  • It Engages Consumers

There is no better way to grab the attention of users other than the videos.

Also, it enables us to show a complete story in a detailed way while building emotion, narrative and thought-provoking actions.

According to Dan Patterson, “Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning and video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.”

The ingrained engaging capability of a thought-provoking video can stand far above the text-based content, photographs or infographics.

This is why people are focusing more on making engaging videos rather than fluffy ones. And the more people engage with your brand, the more they are likely to convert into a customer.

  • Videos Increase the Trust in Audience

It’s especially true for eCommerce sites.

There are proven benefits that brands have wielded from incorporating videos on their products.

While a consumer buys a product, there are millions of questions that surround them. For example, what if the color is mismatched? What if the sizing is not the same? What if the quality is not up to the standard?

A video can provide them a detailed insight into the product which further helps them to gain trust over the product.

So users are more likely to buy products after watching the video.

  • People Are More Likely to Share a Video

Have you seen most of the content shared on any social media like Facebook, Instagram are videos?

Research says that videos are 1200% more time shared on social platforms.

And you must know the power of word of mouth. Right?

Says Jeff Bezos, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

So, the more people share the videos the more it will garner the number of sales. In addition, social video share will help you increase the conversion.

What Videos You Should Incorporate to Increase the Conversion Rates

We’ve already discussed in detail the significance of video marketing.

But, what type of video should you make? Does video marketing give you the power to make any video to attract your customer’s attention?

Well, there are tons of video types you can incorporate to increase your site’s conversion rates. But, only a few will have an effective impact on your sales.

Take a look at these types of videos here,

  • Client Testimonial/Review

Did you know the impact of reviews? According to big commerce, 50+ reviews per product will increase your conversion by up to 4.6%.

Consider the last time you went to buy a product online. Didn’t you look at the reviews from clients?

Well, our brain can trust a product better when someone has already bought it and liked it.

One of the surefire ways to escalate this trust among customers is to make the customer’s video commenting positive about the product. It will increase the chances of getting sold.

In fact, you can include the testimonials made for the brand to share the insights of your brand’s value.

Note: Don’t make the video overly fascinating or scripting as authenticity is the only key here. Focus on the buyer’s journey more on the video.

  • Product Videos

Product videos are generally shorter but it shows the key information pertaining to the particular product.

The idea of product videos is to ingrain the reliability to the customer. Look at the image below,

product video resultsWhen we buy a product, most of us wonder how it would look on us, right?

When you make a video showing an individual utilizing the product in multiple ways, it builds trust among us.

Savannah Stewart, “Many of us have become more comfortable in learning visually. Delivering information on a product, service or company through video can help to keep your audience’s attention longer and make what you have to say more easily understood.”

Hence users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. It’s not just us saying it; it’s already backed by research.

According to Hubspot, 58% of customers say that companies with product videos are more likely to be trusted.

Note: If you’re making videos for multiple products, make sure you present them in a structured way to engage people’s attention.

  • How-to Tutorial/Explainers

When explaining a particular product’s features the how-to tutorial and explainer videos work the best.

Tutorials are mostly short in length and deliver only the crucial information about the product. Take a look,

Add How to Tutorial VideosAmazon has put all the related product videos for that said product.

Product videos help you to close a sale but these tutorials or explainer videos help at the early conversion phase.

The goal?

Well, it’s about solving problems with the product in an educating manner.

Hubspot stated in one of their blogs that 71% of customers believe that video explains a product in a better way.

Note: Optimize the keyword in the video and explain it in a simplified manner.

  • Brand Storytelling

Who doesn’t like a story, right?

Everyone likes to hear compelling stories especially when you hit a certain peak of the business.

An inspiring brand video tells a lot about the core values of your company so people can acquaint with it.

The aim is to engage them emotionally as you know people love personal touch more than a corporate one.

Best Part: How to Implement Video in Your Marketing Campaigns

Well, it’s not just about shooting a video and publishing it on your site.

Unless you make a compelling video that grabs the eyeballs, all your efforts are in vain.

So, how do you implement video in your marketing campaigns? How do you grab people’s attention?

Well, we can provide some tips after analyzing the top-rated brands, let’s have a look,

  • Timing Is The Key

As we have told earlier that every video has a typical timing. For example, the product video can’t be longer than a minute whereas the how-to video can be of 2 minutes.

You can’t make a 10-minute long video and expect people to watch it till the end.

Length is one of the crucial components yet often neglected and mismanaged.

Regardless of the quantity of information, you would like to add in the video, you should consider the dwindling attention span of the viewer.

Even, experts stated that most of the engagements in videos are 2 minutes long.

  • Use a Custom Thumbnail

Informing the user before they click on the PLAY button makes a huge difference in increasing the pay rate.

So, the thumbnails, title, and tags all should be incorporated in a way that helps a user to understand the nature of the videos.

Since the user notices the thumbnail in the first place, you should be selective while creating it.

  • Focus on Quality

By quality, we didn’t mean to provoke you to invest all your dollars in buying the best equipment for shooting.

A basic set of equipment will work fine if you apply some common sense.

Learning a little about the editing, lighting, and basics of cinematography will help you to increase the video quality without breaking your bank.

  • Don’t Forget to Add CTA

Even though when you nail a video and win a thousand impressions, there are still chances to increase the action-ability.

Yes, it’s the CTA also known as the call-to-action button.

A call-to-action button directs the users to take further action after watching the video.

If you are making a promotional video of a product, then you can add the product page link where the audience can buy it.

This is how your users will take the desired action. This results in massive growth in your sales.


So, now that you know the importance of video for driving your eCommerce sales growth, it’s time to incorporate them.

Moreover, you should remember the key takeaways that are,

  • Include high-quality product videos.
  • Include client testimonial videos.
  • Educate your audience about your products.

Along with these, keep in mind to publish quality and shorter videos to attract people’s attention.

So, these were the tactics and ways to include videos into your eCommerce site to boost your sales.

If we’ve missed anything, don’t mind letting us know. We would like to hear your thoughts.