Two20 – 20 Best WordPress Themes for Podcasts: Dazzle Your Audience NOW!

Podcasts are currently the talk of the town. People are widely accepting podcasts as a source of learning and entertainment. Whereas marketers are busy educating their audiences about certain services, products, topics, or anything under the sun.

So, why are podcasts getting so much attention? The simple reason would be, it’s convenience and intimate entertainment. Nowadays, people with a much shorter attention span always look for things that they can use on-the-go. And what could be better than podcasts, right?

Research states that 1/3rd of the American population between the 25-54 age group listen to podcasts every single month.

While most podcasts differ significantly from each other but they have one thing in common -a website, and WordPress podcast hosting service.

This is where users find their latest episodes, info, and everything about related shows. However, if you’re naive, how to start a podcast might be a daunting task for you. You can check out our detailed guide for this.

This blog pertains to the best WordPress podcast themes that can make your audience fall in love with your site. And none can’t deny the significance of a website’s layout and overall design. Isn’t it?

So, we’ve hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes for podcasts that can support your ideas and give it an exceptional look.

List of 20 Best WordPress Podcast Website Design Themes

The list we’ve curated here is the 20 best WordPress podcast themes to allow your audience to share your knowledge and entertain them with a flawless background. You can get detailed information on each of these themes and determine the best one as per your requirement.

So, let’s get started,

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 1Viseo

Viseo, a podcast theme that allows you to add a “latest show” section on your website. You can easily include all the latest content there. It will be much easier for your users to navigate to the latest updates without jumping here and there.

Also, it will be much easier to upload through this theme. Users can easily upload high-quality videos to the video player that the theme features. There is a range of options to customize the site pages and sections with any coding requirement.

Viseo Features to Gaze at,

  • “Latest show” section included.
  • You can embed high-quality video content through the locally hosted player.
  • Drag and drop builder.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 2Tusant

One of the best WordPress podcast themes is Tusant, specialized for podcasters, vlogs, music bands, and multimedia websites. It has advanced layouts that can make your homepage eye-catchy and impressive. Also, it allows you to put your media in the center. So, every time it catches the user’s attention in the first place through this.

Aside from that, you can easily customize the setting to adjust the place where you want to show the podcast on your entire site. This supports both audio and video podcasts so clearly it’s suitable for multi-media rich websites. The best part is its responsiveness. Users won’t have to create a separate code to make it responsive. Also, it has numerous customization options to arrange everything as per your requirements.

Tusant Features to Gaze at,

  • Specially designed for multimedia-rich websites.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Range of customization option.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 3Gumbo

Gumbo makes your website world-class with its modern and stunning design and range of layout options. You can hook the user with the appearance of your website with Gumbo’s stunning page layout and color range.

It supports Bluebrry podcast hosting and powerpress hosting so if you’re using these hostings to run your podcast then this could be the ideal choice for you. Apart from that it also supports self-hosted or external embeds as well.

Gumbo Features to Gaze at,

  • User-friendly interface.
  • 24*7customer support.
  • Support self-hosted or external embeds.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 4Satchmo

If you’re a podcaster looking forward to building a reputable website within a short time, then Satchmo podcast WordPress theme is an ideal choice for you. With its range of customization features and beautiful episode players, you can kick-start your podcasting journey within a few minutes.

Satchmo has features like gorgeous designs, background images, latest episode widgets, and most importantly a call to action button. These are all the necessary equipment that one needs to professionally start their podcasting journey.

Speaking of its supportive plugins, it’s effective for WordPress podcast plugins like seriously simple podcasting, powerpress, etc. You can also use it with other plugins as well. The best part is that it has an in-built MP3 player that lets you upload the podcast files in one place.

Satchmo Features to Gaze at,

  • In-built MP3 player.
  • Gorgeous designs.
  • Latest episode widgets.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 5Oscillator

Oscillator is one of the WordPress podcast themes made especially for musicians and artists. But, if you want to use it for other genres, there is always a scope for that. It has features like flashy images and bold designs with classic headers, footers that can make your website appealing to such an extent that people keep visiting.

The best part of this theme is that it allows you to upload the podcast files directly to the plugin rather than uploading music to the player. Once they’re uploaded, your user can experience high-quality audio files without any glitch. Also, it has the necessary tools that help your site’s SEO and helps it to rank on Google.

Oscillator Features to Gaze at,

  • Make your site SEO optimized.
  • Direct file upload.
  • Range of customization option.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 6Ultra

If you have been searching for an all-purpose podcast theme coupled with instant designs and 1-click installation feature, look nowhere than ultra. It’s a powerful WordPress podcast theme that has a powerful page builder and drag and drops feature.

You can actually make your website professional and stand out from the rest. It includes all other necessary features like an audio player that is perfectly supported by the theme. It has a 1click installation for an easier installation process. There is a range of customization features as well to make your site as you desire.

Ultra Features to Gaze at,

  • Range of customization.
  • Beautiful layouts.
  • All-purpose theme.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 7Pepper+

Pepper is another multi-purpose WordPress podcast theme suitable for podcast websites or any other. It includes a drag and drop feature to easily upload anything on the site.

Along with that, Pepper also has a couple of ready-made designs that you can install within a single click. You can customize those pages and add your own content to that. It supports any podcast-supported plugins that you have been using. So, it’s pretty clear that you will find this theme extremely easy to use.

Pepper+ Features to Gaze at,

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Supports multi-purposes.
  • Drag and drop feature.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 8Monochrome

Monochrome is a minimalist WordPress podcast theme. It features typography that makes your site look professional and eye-appealing. Also, it has multiple layouts and widget areas in-built to help users navigate the necessary details.

Apart from that, Monochrome also has an audio player widget that you can place anywhere on your site be it on the blogs, on the sidebars, etc. The best part of this theme is that it’s built on the Genesis theme framework which is optimized for speed and performance. So, you’ll never have issues while using the podcast.

Monochrome Features to Gaze at,

  • Provides an additional boost to site speed and performance.
  • Multiple widgets supported.
  • Makes the site eye-appealing.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 9Podcaster

Podcaster is simply made for podcasting websites. It’s the best WordPress theme for libsyn podcast WordPress plugin. You’ll be provided with all the necessary features for broadcasting and managing podcasts on your own. The simple theme has an unlimited number of archive pages with episodes. So, you can simply maintain the seasons and shows for a brief amount of time.

The theme supports both audio and video players which allows users to experience the trending content always. Speaking of the designs, there are a variety of color palettes and designs to make your site stand out and match your branding requirement.

Podcaster Features to Gaze at,

  • Support both video and audio player.
  • Specially made for podcasting site.
  • Range of designs available.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 10Music

Music, the name itself sums up the focal point of the theme. This WordPress audio podcast theme is specially made for artists, musicians, writers and podcast hosts. You can build either a single or a multi-page parallax website as per your own requirement.

However, the music theme allows you to feature your old podcasts on the top so that you can hook the user’s attention to those podcasts as well. Aside from that, it has pre-designed artist pages, templates to make your user experience simple and fluent. So, develop a professional podcast site with this music WordPress theme.

Music Features to Gaze at,

  • Custom-build for artists.
  • Predesigned templates and artist pages.
  • Develop a professional website.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 11Astra

Astra, an all-purpose WordPress theme that has been built especially for people who want performance. This theme supports all the popular WordPress podcast plugins and provides a solid integration with them.

You can easily create the most stunning pages with Astra with its simple page builders. The customizer feature lets you design the pages with preferred sidebar, footer, and header. So, start building a professional WordPress podcast website with Astra.

Astra Features to Gaze at,

  • Range of customization feature.
  • Create stunning pages.
  • Top-notch customer support.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 12Megaphone

If you’re looking for a WordPress podcast theme that supports your audio podcasting completely, then here you go with Megaphone. One of the best WordPress podcast themes that come with an in-built audio player that you can show on each page.

So, whenever visitors land on your page, they’ll have the audio player before them to play the episodes quickly. This WordPress audio podcast theme also supports your integration with other hosting platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and stitcher, etc. Also, you can integrate this with other WordPress podcast plugins like simple podcasting, powerpress podcasting, etc.

Megaphone Key Features to Gaze at,

  • Easy to set up.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Integration with other WordPress podcast plugin.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 13Oxium

Oxium is another WordPress podcast theme especially built for music, artists, bands, etc. It has unique designs with navigation menus and sidebar that gives your user a friendly interface. You can also feature your most crucial content on the right side of your site to catch the user’s instant attention.

Oxium also has necessary features like streaming audio player and customization option. You can add widgets, powerful options to your home page and divide the podcast section as per your own choice.

Oxium Features to Gaze at,

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Range of customization option.
  • Beautiful page layouts.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 14Nayma

Nayma is an all-purpose WordPress podcast website theme. It provides everything that you require to build your podcast site from scratch. No matter what your idea is about podcast content, this design has numerous templates to support that.

You can the coolest and closest design that matches your idea and install it within 1 click. With a range of designer tools, you can easily build a professional podcast website without the knowledge of coding. Nayma also makes everything easy with its user-friendly user-interface.

Nayma Features to Gaze at,

  • All-purpose WordPress podcast theme.
  • Coolest design choices.
  • Build a podcast from scratch.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 15Lenscap

Lenscap is a best-suited WordPress podcast theme for media-rich sites. So, if your idea is to create a media-rich site, then Lenscap will help you to translate it into websites. It has highly customizable homepage features that allow you to showcase the trending content at the top.

Whenever users land on your site, you can hook them at the first place with the latest podcast files. Apart from that, every tool is neatly organized under Lenscap. It also provides a handy guide for setting up your website. You can use it for your online store as it’s eCommerce ready.

Lenscap Key Features to Gaze at,

  • Media-rich website supported.
  • Handy website-building guide.
  • Suitable for online stores.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 16Elegant

Elegant is the theme that removes the additional animated features and effects and allows your user to focus on the content only. So, if you believe that too much graphical effect can drive your users away, then elegant could be perfect for you.

You can simply focus on your podcast without any additional frills. These are responsive designs that let your user enjoy the podcast from any device. The best part of this WordPress podcast theme is that it saves you a lot of time.

Elegant Key Features to Gaze at,

  • Simple and sorted design.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Range of customization.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 17Track

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, then Track is right up your alley with its dark, simple theme. It can help you to create a perfect website that you need to get started with your podcasting journey. The tools that Track provides allow you to create any websites that you desire while providing you the access to edit everywhere in-between.

You can either use custom layouts or anything with a simple drag and drop builder. This means you can have your website look the way you always have wanted. it supports most of the major WordPress podcast plugins so you can easily integrate with any of them.

Track Key Features to Gaze at,

  • Custom layouts.
  • Drag and drop builder.
  • Supported with any podcast plugins.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 18Medius

Medias is one of the powerful WordPress themes that helps you create podcasts, blogs and personal websites. You can use the media’s range of layouts and styles to display your own content.

The highlighted features of this WordPress podcast theme is its slider plugin, google fonts, mega menu and custom header. You can also use this site in multiple languages with the help of WPML, WordPress podcast plugin.

Medius Features to Gaze at,

  • Powerful WordPress theme
  • Create any websites
  • Range of layouts

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 19Amplify

Amplify is best suited for artists and musicians. However, it equally does well for podcast hosts. You can build your brand and let people see your work on your website.

It has a drag and drop page builder and other essential tools to create single or multiple pages on your site. You can also upload your podcasts with the help of this module-based system.

Amplify Features to Gaze at,

  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Custom made for artists.
  • Provide all essential website building tools.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 20Promenade

If you’re looking for elegant yet simple and responsive WordPress podcast design themes to craft your site, Promenade is here for you with its perfect designing tools. You can either build static or dynamic website pages with the help of this theme.

The theme also provides you grid layouts where you can embed all your videos and audios and keep them organized. Other than that, it has custom fonts, header footer styles to build your site.

Promenade Key Features to Gaze at,

  • Grid layouts to organize your audio and video.
  • Custom navigation.
  • Rage of layouts.


WordPress podcast themes will definitely help you translate your idea into the form of a website. These themes are easy to use and manage even for a naive. So, even if you’re just starting out your wordpress podcast journey, then these themes can be an ideal option.

However, if you’re looking for the best WordPress podcast themes then we would recommend you to choose Podcaster. It’s custom made for podcast hosts so you can create a pretty amazing professional website with this theme.

Apart from that, every WordPress theme that we have discussed is suited for podcasters. So, you can check out the details and buy your own favorite one.

Hope you have found the list helpful and do share your podcast journey with us.

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