Revo WordPress Theme - 1 WooCommerce Web Shop Theme

Revo WordPress Theme: #1 WooCommerce Web Shop Theme


Developers at Amazon, Flipkart, and many more eminent eCommerce stores say – Revo WordPress Theme is there #1 choice.

Are you looking for the SEO friendly + best WooCommerce WordPress theme for your online shopping store or market place?

Well, Revo WordPress theme is right up your alley fitting, perfect for setting-up multi-niche store, alike;

Flower Shop || Medical Store || Layout Christmas || Fashion Store || Kid Fashion Shop || Hitech Store || Watch Store || Music Store || Furniture Store || Cosmetic Store || Organic Store || Book Store || Christmas Gift Store || Gift Store || Vehicle Part Store || Gaming Gear Store || Maintenance Mode Store || Boxed Store || Digital Store || Electronic Store || Greeting Card Shop || Mobile Case Shop Website || Decoration Shop || Wedding Store, and so on…

Having 25+ in-build unique home page layouts designs, 5+ responsive mobile compatible layouts designs, flexible multi-vendor marketplace demos ready, the Revo theme is the best selling WooCommerce WordPress theme for managing an online shopping website with ease.

So, if you’re in the process of creating a stunning multipurpose website for your eCommerce store, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

But, why would you choose the Revo WordPress theme amidst all the WooCommerce themes out there?

Well, then read further and hear out the rumble…!!!

Reasons to choose Revo WordPress Theme as Your One-Stop-Solution for Online Shopping Website

Revo WordPress Theme is the first choice of developers working with Amazon, Flipkart, and many more eminent online WooCommerce stores.

The interesting thing is Shopify developer says; “Revo is more than a theme. It is somewhat a powerful tool for online WooCommerce shopping websites.”

But wait!!

That’s not all. Revo has more reasons to show off to you being the best WooCommerce theme.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind choosing Revo as your WordPress theme,

  • Win-Win for both Retailer and Customer

In today’s world, if you can’t create a win-win situation while doing your business, the chances of you being successful become negligible.

Revo lets you create a win-win scenario for both retailers and customers.

Using the Revo WordPress theme retailer can sell products at a reasonable price whereas a customer can get the products at an affordable rate too.

Won’t you tell it a win-win scenario?

I bet you will…!!!

  • Top-notch Security

Security comes as an important parameter in this digital world.

Revo doesn’t let you down here too.

The theme is highly secured and offers the most powerful and user-friendly admin panel to its users.

  • Complete Customization

Revo WooCommerce WordPress theme lets you design your website the way you want it.

With this single theme, you can create the website of your dream and make your dream come true without any hassle.

  • Multi-vendor Support

One of the non-negotiable reasons to choose the Revo WordPress theme is that it offers multi-vendor support to let you approach multiple vendors all over the world to brand their products or sell their products through your site.

Isn’t it amazing?

You’ll be opening the doorways to millions of people who lack the opportunity to sell their beautiful products.

  • Prominent #No-Coding Required

Are you one of those who don’t know coding yet has stepped into a digital business?

Well, fret not!

Since website building is one of the crucial steps in setting up a digital business, Revo has brought in a fully customizable professional theme that doesn’t require any core coding knowledge.

  • 1 Step Installation

When it comes to the installation of a theme, even the coders feel fret. But with the WordPress Revo theme, you need not worry a bit. As of, importing the Revo design demo is just a click game.

Simply visit the Revo niche demo by scanning the QR code or by clicking the demo button located next to each demo.

  • 24*7*365 Support

WPLearningSpot experts are available at the Official Support System for you anytime to help you out in ease with A to Z WordPress Issues.

What You Will Get with REVO: Another big reason to choose #WordPress Revo Theme!

Have a view of what is included with the Revo WordPress theme that you will avail upon buying it!

  • Dummy Data Package

Note: Get your website deindexed before installing this package!

We consider you a newbie in terms of building a website, hence, to put content without knowing its exact place is not a doddle. Literally, it is damn hard to build a website without dummy/demo data.

To this, the Revo WordPress theme came up with a solution to use this package to install on your website and import the dummy content/data. Remember that you are supposed to change the dummy content before getting your website indexed on Google!

  • Revo Child Theme

Thundering reason to choose the WordPress Revo theme is here! With the Revo them you are also allotted with a WordPress Revo child theme.

So your customization has come to a big “O”. As you now can use the Revo child theme files to make all your customization and save them on the same or the Revo parent theme itself.

  • Fully-Layered & Well-Organized PSD Files

Not a single demo is designed without PSD. Yes, overall WordPress Revo themes demo are designed with the latest version of PSD (PhotoShop Document).  So enjoy the best marketplace designs with the Revo!


You will also be allotted with the PSD files. Yes, if you are familiar with the photoshop then you may customize it as per your needs.

All the files are fully-layered, well-organized and easily understandable.

  • Revo Theme Documentation

A to Z of your Revo open-cart theme is here. Learn to install, configure and customize in detail.

What else one needs in such a busy life!

But the list didn’t end here either. The best part is yet to come, avail the same!

  • Premium Plugins/Widgets for Free

Once you select the WordPress Revo theme, the Revo opencart theme free download part gets enabled and it comes up with the saving of $350+.

Isn’t it a blast!

But yes with the installation of Revo, the Revo theme free download part makes the premium plugins/widgets free for you for the lifetime. No extra fee will be charged from you.

Revo WordPress Theme Pricing

It doesn’t require you to break the bank if you want to build your website with this theme. Revo multipurpose woocommerce wordpress theme price starts at $69/year. Under this price you’ll be covered with 6-months support from magentech including quality checked by envato, future updates, hosting offer for theme, etc.

Also you can extend the support for 12 months by paying an additional amount of only $21. 38.


Revenue Generated by Revo Theme Till Date

As per themeforest, revo multipurpose wordpress theme made 1201 sales till 1st fb 2020. So, the total revenue earned by revo is $69*1201= 82,869 as per latest update.

25+ Choices Under Web Homepage Layouts

Not overall but like 45.2% of website traffic comes from the computer.

So, we can’t even think of ignoring the responsiveness of the website on the computer. Ignoring this may get you a huge traffic loss.

WordPress Revo theme brings you the peerless layout solutions with inbuild SEO friendly and responsive designs for web-specific users.

Come and join the 25+ demo list of Revo which succor you to build a stunning website with this single WordPress theme.

Visit Demo Here!

5+ Choices Under Mobile-Friendly Layouts

Did you know? 52.8% of website traffic comes from mobile.

So, without making your site mobile friendly or responsive, you’ll be losing more than half of your customers.

Revo WordPress theme brings in the peerless solution for you with inbuilt responsive layouts for mobile-specific websites.

Revo has 5+ layouts which you can enable in the theme option. Now you can build your shopping store, furniture store, and so on with this single WordPress theme.

Furnished Multi-Vendors MarketPlace Demo

Revo theme supports multi-vendor plugins like the Dokan marketplace, WC vendors and WC marketplace plugin. Now you can make your website a multi-vendor marketplace with Revo WordPress theme,

  • Dokan Marketplace Plugin

Dokan multivendor marketplace plugin is a complete eCommerce solution for your WordPress site. The automation process makes the site easily manageable. Especially for beginners, Dokan has an intuitive interface and designs to help them build a professional marketplace.

  • Wc Vendors Marketplace Plugin

One of the best WordPress and WooCommerce marketplace plugin. You can build the best marketplace site and empower your business with WC vendors pro plugin.

  • Wc Marketplace Plugin

This plugin helps your vendors to create their own individual stores besides allowing them to manage their shipping and inventories. But what about you?

Well, you will be earning a good commission on their sales.

Features of Revo WooCommerce WordPress Theme That Make It Stand-Out

Without unlocking the range of features offered by Revo, you can’t use the WordPress theme optimally. So, let’s unlock the features of this theme to comprehend it more efficiently,

  • Responsive Layouts/Designs

Did you know, most (like 76%) of your online traffic comes through smart-phones?

That’s the reason why every website is focusing on responsiveness nowadays like never before.

Responsiveness allows you to have full access to the website irrespective of the devices from which you log in, be it a laptop, iPad, Smartphones, PCs or anything.

So, no matter which devices your customers are using, you can provide them with optimum experience just the way you would like to have.

  • Ajax Shopping Cart

Ajax shopping cart features allow you your website to be more user-friendly than even a physical store.


Well, every time a user looks for a product he or she can add them into cart or wishlists. And when they revisit the page again the page won’t be re-loaded.

In fact, they can directly edit their cart right from there where they left.

  • Multiple Layouts for Product Page

Want to create an interesting detailed product page?

Revo can solve all your problems.

It has multiple layout options that allow you to create different layouts for different products. So, your dream website is just one click away from you.

You can provide your customers with detailed information about the product they are looking for. So, they can have proper information before making the purchasing decision.

  • 500+ Google Fonts

Which of the Font do you need for your website?

Is it Cambria, Playfair display, or name any of it?

Revo offers you a complete 500+ Google font as it was built with bootstrap 3, font awesome 4. Css3, Less, HTML5. So, it has the widest collection of fonts than any other WooCommerce theme.

  • One-Click Installation Demo

Revo offers your one-click demo to kick-start your website building process.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, demo covers all range of people. And the demo is in absolute detail that makes you understand the core features of the theme easily.

So, start your website by just seeing their demo.

  • Colors Swatches & Photos

Want to enable your customers to see a product in a different color?

Revo does the job for you.

It has fully integrated color watches that show a product in a different color. So, every time your customer wants to check a product in multiple colors, you can show it to them.

  • Integration with WooCommerce

When it comes to building a shopping store or e-commerce store, WordPress WooCommerce plugin is the best solution.

So built out your shop today with the world’s popping best shopping plugin #Ajax shopping card plugin.

And guess what, WordPress Revo theme allows you to integrate your website with WooCommerce without popping up an issue.

  • Ajax Live Search Plugin Integration

It’s a premium plugin for WordPress which allows you to search for real-time products you want.

But it’s premium for other WordPress themes only. Herewith Revo WordPress theme you will get it in zero penny. Jump out to capture this huge featured theme.

  • Multiple Menu Styles

Which menu style you want on your site to give your user an optimal experience?

Revo – multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme has a mega menu option in which you can display up to 6 columns with banners, texts, videos, categories, etc.

Somewhat you are gonna get a theme that reflects your perspectives itself.

  • Countdown Deal Slider

Want to captivate your users’ attention with attractive deals?

The Revo WordPress theme enables you to create attractive offers with a countdown timer.

Out there it makes visible the user reviews and flat discount as well.

  • Quick View

To provide your users with a more convenient experience Revo the best WordPress WooCommerce theme offers you a quick view option. It enables your users to view the product details in a popup without leaving the current page.

Well in accordance with the Amazon and Flipkart this feature has attracted the most no of users to date. Hurry to gather things up!

  • Multiple Product Types Support

Revo theme supports multiple product types such as simple product, group product, variable product, external and affiliate products.

This feature from Revo enables the user to find the optimal one and the bounce rate from such features products is found to be only 20%.

  • Product Detail Page Highlight

You can select the product page and highlight the portion where the details are showing. Revo allows you to customize elements to fit your product types.

How this is effective?

Interesting question, users these days are fond of looking details of the product like the quality of the product, finishing, and more.

To this, developers of the Revo came up with the highlighting opting of the product details.

  • The Header and Footer Styles

Revo has a lot of header and footer styles to offer. You can choose any of these and customize them for your store.

Your thinking may end but the Revo style might don’t!

  • Back and Front-end Editing

Revo offers you a powerful visual composer page builder to easily create pages on the frontend and backend of your website.

So, creating the new page and post has to be on your tips now.

  • Unlimited Options for Theme

With the Revo WordPress theme, we bet you will come up with your dream website. It has 25+ web layouts and 5+ responsive mobile layouts to offer you and fulfill your requirements.

So craft out your dream today!

  • RTL Support

The theme supports RTL (Register-Transfer Level) layout such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, etc.

Finally, the Revo is at its best with RTL, transfer your data within no matter-time.

  • Integration with a Multilingual Plugin

The Revo theme supports WPML plugin. So you can translate your website to any language you wish.

Also, it enables you to create a website for global customers.

  • Unlimited Color Variants

You can choose any color styles you want with the Revo theme. You will have full control over customization with the color schemes utilization.

So color up your menus, hovers, navigations, breadcrumbs, and whatever you wish now!

How do you Grow your Business with Revo WordPress Theme?

Well, if you want to grow your business incessantly and make it legendary, a website is the first little yet important step towards achieving it.

Revo does the job even easier as you don’t have to struggle to make your website responsive, do the coding, making the perfect theme for WooCommerce, etc.

Let’s take a look at how you can grow your business using this Revo WooCommerce theme,

  • Sell Any Product Online

Opening up a physical store and inviting customers to take your products may take a lot of time and effort. But, with an online store, you can design it in a way to make it appealing to your customers. And Revo helps you with this.

You can sell any product be it furniture, gifts, cosmetics, flower, digital products, organic products, etc.

  • Create a Professional Website

What makes your website look professional?

Is it the mega menu, real-time product search feature, building attractive product offers, add details of products, or multiple product upload features?

Well, Revo provides you all the above features with a single installation.

  • Easy Maintenance

Revo theme allows you to maintain your website more easily. You can check the background setting, product description, etc.

Adding to this, it has automatic update features that cut the hassle out for you to check every time for a new update.

How to Get Started With Revo WooCommerce WordPress Theme: Prerequisites, Installation and many more!

The installation of the Revo WordPress theme requires a current version of WordPress installed in your device. Since it’s a WordPress theme, you can’t segment it from WordPress and install it on your site.

Let’s take a look at some of the prerequisites before delving into the installation process.

  •         Have a WordPress 4.9x.
  •         Your web hosting should have the requirements to run WordPress.
  •         Download the latest WordPress version.
  •         Create a secure database and passwords for better protection.
  •         PHP 5.6 or 7.0 is preferred.

Note for PHP Configuration

The PHP configuration is a matter to be dealt with carefully when installing the Revo WooCommerce theme. In several cases, users have stated that they face problems while configuring PHP limits including white screen, empty page, demo content failure, and others.

If you’ve been facing the same issue it’s time to increase the PHP limits to solve your query. The PHP limit can be increased by editing the lines in the PHP.ini file-based in your root directory.

But if you’ve no familiar knowledge on WordPress, you can contact our web host to increase the limit.

The PHP limit increase guidelines look something like


The Installation Process,

There are 2 different processes to install a Revo theme on your website. Let’s take a look,

  • Quickstart WordPress Revo Theme Installation

If you are building a brand new site, then you can opt for the quickstart installation process in this way your whole site will be replaced to a new site and your old data too will be replaced.

If you’re opting for a quick start installation, follow the steps below,

  • Have a in your device.
  • Create your database
  • Upload the data using an FTP or Cpanel.
  • Follow the URL where you’ve uploaded all your files and load the WordPress installer.
  • Now customize the setting such as language, WordPress info, database setting, etc.
  • Manual Revo WordPress Theme Installation

You can opt for the manual installation if your site is too old and have important data stored in it. Manual installation is the process where you can install the theme while importing the data from your existing site.

The manual installation process is done via two steps such as WordPress upload and FTP upload. FTP upload is required if your theme file size is more than 8m.

If you’re uploading your Revo theme via WordPress, then follow the steps,

  • Go to the admin panel
  • Log In to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to the theme section under appearance and click on the “add new”.
  • Now click on the “upload theme” and choose the file section.
  • Select to install it.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the installation process.
  • Once you receive the message saying “Theme installed successfully”, opt for the activation.
  • You simply need to enter the purchase code to activate the theme.

If you’re following the FTP upload, considering your file size too large, then follow the steps,

  • Access FTP client
  • Go to your website folder and extract the theme file
  • Once you conduct the above steps you’ll have a folder named Revo theme.
  • Now activate the theme by simply entering the purchase code.

How to Update your WordPress Revo WooCommerce Theme?

It’s important to update your theme on a regular basis in order to catch up with its optimal performance. Although Revo offers you an automated update feature where the team will update your site was necessary or you can opt for the manual update.

Follow the simple steps, if you’re following the manual update,

  • First of all, back your site up. In case any technical glitch occurs and erases your important data, CSS, and custom code then you’ll sit and relax if you’ve got the backup.
  • Download the new version of the theme.
  • Uninstall the existing theme to install and activate the new of the Revo WordPress theme.
  • Now click the “Begin Installing Plugins” link to install the updated version of all the plugins.
  • Once the theme is updated you can add your custom code in the new theme.
  • Run a check on the site to ensure everything is fine.

Clients Comments on Revo WordPress Theme

Daniel Cusumano

I was looking for quality theme support for my website. The dream of having the most elegant website has come true for me when I bought Revo. One of the best themes ever!


I recommend revo for the best quality design. I was looking for a perfect modern eCommerce theme. And luckily enough I found revo. It has more features than I could imagine. Best theme till now!


The support I got from the revo customer assistance team, is unexplainably amazing. Every time I came across an issue with the theme, I didn’t have to wait for long days for their reply. I almost felt like having a personal programmer by my side.


I would recommend revo again and again to each and every friend who wants to have the best website. The documentation quality, design quality, features availability, everything is up to the standard and their customer support team is awesome. One of the best themes I’ve ever come across till now.


Revo is one of the best WooCommerce themes available in the market right now. Since it has been chosen by some of the premier organizations such as Shopify, Amazon, there is no question of its user-experience.

Having a professional-looking website helps your business to grow more powerfully. So, create an elegant and multipurpose online store and reach out to global customers.