WordPress Business Directory Plugins - Best Organizers are Here

WordPress Business Directory Plugins: Best Organizers are Here!

You’ll probably find the term “directory” too vague to understand. Isn’t it?

Although there is tons of information available on the internet, have you ever come out with a clear-cut idea of what a directory is?

Well, fret not! We’ve got you covered.

In this blog, you’ll get every piece of information you need about the business directory and WordPress business directory plugin.

Since the majority of websites are built on WordPress, we assume you’re no different. Aren’t you?

Now, without any further ado, let’s step into the world of business directory.

And how about we discuss it from the start?

What is a Directory?

Online directories deliver personal or business-related information based on a category or location. It helps to provide you the listings.

For example, yelp is a popular directory that delivers local business information.

So, if you open this website, it’ll look something like;


Now, you can find the local business information related to the query you type in.

If you want your website to work like this, you need a WordPress business directory plugin.

But wait!

Why would you want to convert your website to a fully featured directory?

The Reason Behind Having a Fully-Featured Business Directory Website

If we put it in a simpler word, then the reason is that you make money from your directory site.

Well, you can generate a hefty amount of cash in your bank.

Isn’t it amazing?

These directory websites have become one of the most successful online businesses.

You know why?

Because you help your users to find the best piece of information they need instantly and in return the traffic lets you make money.

So, it’s a win-win business model.

You’re probably still stuck with the idea of making money. Isn’t it?

Well, take a look,

How Does a Directory Website Make Money?

  • You can Charge for the Listings

If you can show other businesses that your directory website is hitting a huge amount of traffic, then they would wanna list their business on your site.

Because it’ll help them to quickly reach out to their customer.

This is one of the most obvious ways to activate magnetization on your directory site.

Your site can show up any listings such as shops, restaurants, hotels, property, events, etc.

You can incorporate the premium feature where you’ll show up more information such as images, social media links, more text, etc. Thus you’ll charge every business to show their information on your site.

And since most businesses are now striving to show themselves upon local search queries, directory businesses have grown full-fledged.

  • Encourage Businesses to Claim their Listings

Well, you don’t have to poke every business owner to claim their listings if you’ve the most popular directory site.

As for businesses, claiming their listings on popular directory sites is already considered crucial under their reputation management strategies.

By letting businesses claiming their site will help to keep your site updated while they add more information like contact links, updated branches, replying to reviews, opening hours, closing hours, and more.

  • Open up to the Advertising

Well, you may think that if you charge the businesses for their listings or even claiming their listing, then you won’t be able to show the best piece of information on your site, especially if it’s new.

None will ever want to pay to list themselves on a brand new directory site.

So, here is another option. You can sell advertising space.

It’s another way to earn revenue from your site.

But make sure you don’t hinder the user experience with too many ads and henceforth increasing the page loading speed.

So, now you’ve the reason to create a directory website, it’s time to know how you’ll create one.

The Best WordPress Directory Plugin 2020 to Create an Optimized Directory Website

When it comes to integrate your website with directory listings and convert it into a full-fledged directory site, then a WordPress business directory plugin is a must.

Out of so many plugins available, you might find yourself in the midst of confusion to pick the best one.

So, we’ve cut the hassle out for you.

Here is the list of 5 best WordPress directory plugin 2020 to consider if you want to kick-start any type of business;

1. Business Directory

The Business Directory Plugin is a one-stop-solution featuring customized form fields, media support, and payment processing, under its free version.

However, the premium version allows you to integrate your site with discount codes, PayPal gateway, ratings, a clone of yelp, stripe integration and many more.

So, it has all the necessary features to make your directory as good as Yelp or TripAdvisor.

You can download the free version from here.

And If you want to downloads the add-on features then it comes with $199.99 as a one-time fee else you can opt for the monthly pack which starts at $69.99.

Let’s sum all these all features to have a glance;

  • Google map integration.
  • Reviews and rating feature.
  • Claim listing button feature.
  • Customizable form fields.
  • In-built ReCaptcha feature to block your site from spams.

2. Geo Directory Plugin

Geo directory plugin helps to leverage any WordPress theme to create a fast directory website theme.

You can create a global business directory though this Geo directory plugin. Most of the features of these plugins are available free but for add-ons, there are premium prices you’ve to pay.

With user-friendly search interface lightweight, custom forms, widgets, this is one of the best WordPress plugin available of all time.

The add-ons features allow you to show event listings add payment gateways and create multi-location directories.

However, if you don’t want to opt-for the premium feature, still there is good news for you that the majority of the features will be given to you for free.

The add-ons also, don’t cost you much. It only starts at $19. So, undoubtedly this is one of the best WordPress directory plugin 2020 to consider.

Geo directory plugin at a glance;

  • Front-end form submission.
  • Customizable forms.
  • 15 widgets and widget areas.
  • Google analytics.
  • Google map integration, list management, affiliate WP integration.

3. Sabai Directory Plugin

Want the cheapest WordPress business directory plugin solution?

Sabai directory is right up your alley then. It only charges you a one-time payment of $29 that gives you 6 months of support and unlimited access to all its features.

So, you won’t need to pay any additional features for any add-ons.

And you can check out their reviews and ratings on the codecanyon marketplace (as it’s sold through this), people are in love with Sabai business directory plugin.

Especially if your site is dedicated to providing business listings, store listing, restaurant listings, then you’ll consider this one of the best bets once you use it.

With this one-time payment, you can access advanced tools like voting, email notification, reviews, media uploads, ratings, page flagging, etc.

Also, you can set up PayPal or stripe to enable payment features.

Features of Sabai in a nutshell,

  • One of the cheap plugins.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Filtering search results based on pricing, location, ratings, etc.
  • Advanced rating system.
  • Paid listing creation.

4. Web 2.o Business Directory Plugin

This is another solution right after Sabai if you’re looking for a cheap yet quality plugin.

This just costs you $34 as a one-time payment.

It’s a bit costlier than Sabai but you know the best part?

It allows you to link up with YouTube and Google maps.

So, you can put your videos and images to provide an outstanding experience to your users.  Also, it introduces a standout feature to collect money in a different way from your merchants.

You can add payments for listing activations, listing claims, etc. And it focuses on selling your pages on your directory sites.

Features of web 2.o at a glance;

  • Ability to share videos.
  • Print out PDF files of the listings.
  • Full-proof rating system.
  • Sell listing packages.
  • Enhanced customer experience.

5. LDD Directory Lite

This is one of the easiest WordPress business directory plugins to kick-start your directory site within a few minutes.  Compared to other plugins the premium feature of LDD comes at a reasonable price, costing you $10 to $20.

The free features also allow you to have endless customization with your site. You can make your website the way you want it including modern design, easy navigations, etc.

Also, you don’t have to be a WordPress expert developer to run this plugin, unlike others.

This comes with easy-to-install features.

It also enables front-end submissions. The premium features enable you to include Google map integrations, social sharing, imports, exports, social logins, reviews, etc.

LDD at a glance;

  • One of the cheap plugins.
  • Add-ons are pocket-friendly.
  • Instant creation with a shortcode.
  • Integration of social tools and Google maps.
  • Customizable email notifications.

6. Formidable Form Plugin

This is one of the best WordPress business directory plugins available on the market currently. The formidable form enables you to create a set of advanced forms to add to your website.

Most of the features can be accessed under the free version. However, if you want a premium feature then you’ve pay price for that.

The premium features allow you to PayPal integration, WooCommerce, WPML, MailChimp, etc.

This plugin offers some of the premium real estate templates to create an outstanding form and make it more captivating to users.

7. Connections Business Directory Plugin

Want a plugin that features uniqueness and simplicity?

Connections business directory plugin can be right up your alley. It enables you to create a small contact book or global business listings.

Most of the important features are available with the free plugin. But if you want advanced features like toolbars, birthday emails, logins, CSV import tool, widget pack, advanced forms, etc.

The premium feature will cost you as low as $5 where you’ll only access a few extensions. However to full-fledged discovery you’ve to pay $75.

But, you know what?

It’s worth your every single penny as you’ll get outstanding support directly from the developers.

Let’s have a look at the features at a glance;

  • Direct support from developers.
  • Opened APIs
  • Premium templates.
  • Unique custom fields.
  • Add more information.

8. Name Directory Plugin

This is one of the best free WordPress directory plugin 2020 to consider.

It allows you to generate a list of terms or names. It’s like creating a glossary.

If your business website is more focused to provide customers with an online glossary of terms, then the Name directory can be the best fit.

Or you can also create a list of people with this directory and provide information about them. So, if anyone needs any information about any employee or people they can visit your directory site and get out-and-out information.

It’s one of the easiest plugins to implement on your website with easy configuration, search functions, suggestion form, etc.

This plugin is entirely free. You don’t have to invest a single penny for this plugin.

But, if you need support from the WordPress forum, then you’ll be disappointed. Since it’s a free plugin it doesn’t feature any support from WordPress.


Without a WordPress business directory plugin, the dream for creating a spellbound directory website will be a pipe dream only.

There are so many plugins available on WordPress to add the directory to your site.

However, we’ve created this guide to narrow your searches as it’s time-consuming. So, you can just opt for any of these plugins to create a directory website for any kind of business be it restaurant listings, property listings, job listings, places listings, etc.

If you’re using any other WordPress business directory plugin for your website, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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