15 Best WordPress Plugins to Create Contact Form for Seamless Communication

15 Best WordPress Plugins to Create Contact Form for Seamless Communication

When people visit your website and figure out the ways to contact you, what should you do? Well you definitely should not make them confused, right? Rather you should have the simplest way to let them contact you. Else you are letting your competitors take the advantage.

Wait!!! Are you thinking about providing them an option for a phone call or a virtual chat box right at the bottom corner?

Well, your customer may not have the time to sit and have a chat with you for a solution. It’s not that you should eliminate that option completely because the personality of your audience group will vary. So many of them may find the chatbox helpful whereas for others you should have an email option to let them shoot off messages.

Earlier it was difficult for website builders to add those contact forms on their website as it required the knowledge of coding.

But, all thanks to the plugins now, adding the contact forms are easier now with drag and drop feature. You can now provide the utmost user-friendly option to your user to contact you without letting them feel bored.

But, the challenging part here is that there are over 1625+ plugins to make contact forms. How would you choose the best one???

Well, here we are discussing some of the handpicked best WordPress plugins to create contact form. So, let’s get started,

  1. WP Forms

Are you a novice at website building? Are you struggling to figure out how to add the contact forms on your site?

Well, installing WP Forms plugin may be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made in your life. You can build online forms in just a matter of some minutes with the help of pre-built form templates for each and every type of WordPress site.

This plugin has all the features and fields to create your desired forms.

Adding to this, you can integrate the email service provider of your choice with the help of this plugin. Let’s look at the features at a nutshell,

  • Drag and drop builder to create forms.
  • Instant notification to make quick responses
  • Usage of geolocation data to know more about users.

The plugin comes with two versions; one is the lite version which is for free. This means you can install this plugin on any site for free. And the other one is the paid version.

The free version has all the features including the basic, spam protection CAPTCHA, email notification, and a Thank-you page. So it generally streamlines the workflow with a simplified management system.

However, the premium version unlocks a lot of features to build any form like multi-page, payment forms, email subscription forms, order forms, etc.

Adding to this it has advanced features like file upload, signature feature, geo-location, and 150+ pre-built WP templates.

To check the number of form submissions, all you have to do is to head over to the WordPress dashboard and there you will get all the updates. You can also set up an email notification to notify the team members.

Recently the WP Forms have announced their conversational form integration for WordPress sites that will make your forms more like a human.

Apart from all these latest features, you won’t need to worry about the payment option as you will have the integration to PayPal and stripe along with their guide and support.

  1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is another premium plugin available for your WordPress site. As it’s a premium plugin, obviously, they have so much to offer you for your site.

The best part of this paid plugin is that it helps you to build the most complex forms on your site. Even you can ask for their solution any time you want with the paid version. With its add-ons, you can create quizzes, surveys, web directory and many other useful things.

With the paid version, you will have access to their customer support via emails and also you will get access to the FAQs, forums, knowledgebase articles, and whatnot.

This popular plugin starts at $59 if you are paying for one site and for unlimited site the price goes up to $259. You can create your desired form with this plugin with its plethora of field options.

You can also incorporate the schedule forms to have an appointment scheduled with the premium features. So, don’t limit your creativity with contact forms with the help of unlimited features of this plugin.

  1. Formidable Forms

Looking for the best WordPress plugins to create a contact form? Well, formidable forms, one of the best and advanced WordPress plugins available in the market known to help developers to build the most complicated forms too instantly.

With the all-in-one solution for form builders, the formidable forms help you to unleash the utmost creativity.

The drag and drop feature allows you to create quizzes, payment forms, profile forms, registration forms, surveys, and so on.

With the advanced features, you can format filer, display the total submission of users on the front page of your site. Along with this, you can create directories, management systems, job board listings, rating systems, etc.

Also, you can create smart calculators with this plugin so that people can estimate the probable cost to get a certain project done by you. Such as a mortgage calculator, request a quote calculator, car payment calculators, and so on. Let’s look at features at a glance,

  • Import and export the forms with the help of XML.
  • Customize CSS and HTML to make your desired form.
  • Thank you message with each submission.

This plugin has also integration with Woocommerce so you can build product forms and configurator forms with the help of this plugin. You can also change borders, colors, and many more without any coding skills.

The pricing starts at $49 for one site with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Simple Basic Contact Form

A simple basic contact form is one of the reliable WP plugins. If you are looking for the best WordPress plugins to create contact form then this might be the flexible plugin you have ever found.

With secure, flexible and clean ways to build contact forms on your site, the plugin has powerful options like easy configuration and easy customization options.

Also, you can chill at your home while knowing there is nothing to worry about your website’s security. This has an in-built safeguard against any spam or malicious content.

So, you will only get genuine subscriptions while using this plugin.

  1. Contact Form 7

With over 5,000,000+ downloads contact form 7 is one of the oldest wp plugins for building contact forms. The best part of this plugin is that it’s absolutely free.

This means you can download it for as many websites you want and as many numbers of times you want, there is no restriction.

And who doesn’t love unlimited free features, right?

But the add-ons are developed by third-party plugins. So, you may have a hard time finding any solution for complicated issues.

Many of the WP experts still recommend this plugin under the top solutions for contact form building. The easy user interface enables a naïve to build a perfect form. It has features like Akismet spam filtering, ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA spam protection, and so on.

So, if you want a simple form solution then this might be the perfect one without costing you a penny. But, for more customized solutions continue reading our further handpicked plugins.

  1. Contact Form by BestWebSoft

This is another Freemium plugin for building contact forms. With the BestWebSoft contact form, you can fully unload a couple of dynamic features starting just at $30 per year for a single site and at $300 for lifetime access. Pretty cost-effective, isn’t it?

The best thing about contact Form by BestWebSoft is that it allows you to incorporate a number of actions like adding additional fields for your customers to include any attachments if they want.

It also helps you to customize the form fields like the way you want within that cheap price.

  1. Ninja Forms

It’s another freemium plugin available for your WordPress website. With little effort, you can create an amazing contact form with the help of this plugin.

The rule for downloading this plugin is the same as the other freemium plugin. Which means you can download it for as many times as you want.

The premium extension is available for you that allows users to use advanced functionalities like connecting with FreshBooks, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, SMS notifications, etc.

The pricing starts at $99 per year for the premium features, otherwise, you can always use the free features available right up the alley for you. Let’s look at the features at a glance,

  • Developer-friendly.
  • Multiple field add-on option.
  • Easily manage your form submission.
  1. Jetpack Forms

Speaking of the ultimate and ignite best WordPress plugins to create contact form jetpack forms is one of the most installed plugins in the WordPress repository. The plugin has multiple features to help you create amazing custom contact forms of your choice that power up your website.

With the powerful form builder option, spam protection of Akismet, this has the power to make your site run seamlessly without troubling your users to find the ways to contact you.

Also, it’s easy user interface makes it easier for even a tyro to build up their contact forms for their websites. Some the additional features include,

  • Site performance tool.
  • The responsive website builder tool.
  • Site reports.
  • Commenting system on social networks.
  1. Caldera Forms

Finding a highly optimized WordPress contact forms plugin? Well, this caldera form is right up your alley providing you the incredible features to make your site the most amazing one.

The amazing part of caldera forms is that it supports any WordPress theme and makes your life easier.

With the drag and drop form builder, even a tyro can add contact forms on their websites. The plugin offers both free and premium features.

The caldera forms also have basic features like spam protection, sending an email notification to users, etc.

  1. Forminator

Forminator is another cool WordPress plugin to create a contact form to beat the competition. With unlimited field addition opportunities and other integration features, the Forminator can help you build new forms with a drag-n-drop interface.

You can customize the other important features with this compatible plugin. It’s also integrated with some of the top sites like HubSpot, MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

For its features and customization option, it has got 4.6+ ratings by users.

  1. Everest Forms

The Everest form is another great form builder with an easy-to-use interface and customization option. The best part of this plugin is that it’s absolutely free.

Users can easily build their contact form with the drag and drop features and flexible options to modify them.

The multiple variations, reCAPTCHA option also help you to prevent your site from spam and another kind of harmful activity.

  1. Kali Forms

It’s one of the best contact form plugins for beginners. It’s pretty powerful and can create amazing contact forms within a few clicks.

You can also have this option to use the fermium features if you don’t like to spend your money on contact forms. The process is simple and easy so beginners find it super quick to build from within an eye’s blink.

  1. Ninja Kick Sidebar Plugin

Speaking about the WordPress plugins to create the contact form and ignoring back Ninja will not be fair. This plugin has amazing features like push animation effects and others to make your site an amazing one.

This doesn’t only help you to create an amazing contact form but also it lets your users connect with your super quick. This means you will have more sales, and acquire more clients with the use of this plugin.

This plugin has a unique function named hidden form feature with a sliding animation option to encourage the user to connect with you anytime they want while surfing the website.

  1. Visual Form Builder

The visual form builder is another freemium (Free + Premium) WordPress plugin to build a contact form. It has a pro version starting at just $29 with extensive features.

You can build contact forms within a matter of a few minutes without knowing the coding.

So, if you are looking for a more simplified solution to build your website then visual form builder plugin can be the strongest one. The plugin allows you to add multiple fields with a few clicks and it has a drag-and-drop feature, unlike other WordPress plugins.

The best part that users love about this plugin is that it has a one-click duplication form that helps you cut-off the time while designing a form.

  1. Quform Form Builder

Quform plugin is another option if you are looking for the top 10 WordPress plugins to create a contact form. Its premium features start at $29 with 15 elements to make your contact form.

Along with the drag-and-drop feature, it has unlimited features like reCAPTCHA, responsiveness and so on.

You can create an unlimited number of forms with the help of a premium plugin option. Also, it has easy-to-manage form submission that allows you to manage the number of submissions right from your dashboard.


Building a contact form is extremely crucial to provide the most amazing experience to your users. It’s a win-win for both of your customers and you. You will have the increased sales and increased number of a subscription while your users can easily connect with your without doing much effort.

Whether you want an easy form without any design and customization option or you want a highly customized contact form that suits your website’s audience, these plugins can help you a lot.

So, make sure you stay connected with your customers and avoid the hustle of building contact forms like earlier days.

Now without the knowledge of coding or without the knowledge of even website building, these plugins will seem so easy to use and you can come up with an amazing contact form using any of these plugins.

If you found this list helpful, then we would like to know your thoughts. So, don’t mind dropping down some thoughts of yours.