Best WordPress Podcast Plugin To Ace the Game of Podcasting

Since the inception of this digitally-driven era, people are coming up with new concepts to hook users. As a result podcasts, video content, GIF, IG reels all are flooding with content with a primary focus to engage users. But, have you ever thought why are marketers, business owners putting so much effort into trying different ways to engage users?

It’s due to the reduced attention span of users. Research says that when a person visits your sites, you only have got 3-5 seconds to impress him. Since then, podcasts are becoming a part of a sensational marketing strategy.

Because you can listen to it on the go. No more need for undivided attention!

Cool, isn’t it?

With the rise of podcasting, people have been trying hard to find out what is a podcast and how does it work. To put it simply, it’s an audio file that you embed on the site. However, you will need a WordPress podcast plugin in order to embed that file without any code. If you’re an agile developer you can create a WordPress podcast without plugin. Or you can contact us to create one for you.

Note: We assume your website is hosted on WordPress since it’s the most reliable CMS.

But, it becomes an intricate task when you decide to choose the best WordPress podcast plugin for your website. After all, everyone wants to choose the best for them. Right?

Considering the same, we have decided to create a list of all the premium and freemium WordPress podcast plugins to help you come to a conclusion. You can read the details here and decide the one that would work the best for you.

So, let’s get started,

List of 10 Best WordPress Podcast Plugin to Seamlessly Embed Podcasts On Your Site

We have chosen the best WordPress podcast plugin for your website. Learn in and out of these plugins and choose the best one for your site.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 1Smart Podcast Player WordPress Plugin

Smart podcast player is an exemplary WordPress podcast plugin bringing you the top-notch functionality and usability together. The best part of this plugin is that it offers a standard level designed listing to your listeners. Users can customize the design on Smart podcast’s user-friendly interface and make it optimized for their listeners.

Unlike any other WordPress podcast plugins, it actually offers a better user experience with its beautiful layout and HTML5 player. You can choose whether you want users to listen to all podcasts one by one or a single one at a time. Other than this, Smart podcast players look and function best on all devices. This means listeners can use any devices be it mobile, tablet, or desktop and listen to it on the go.

The plugin allows you to share on social platforms, it has a download button, timestamps, speed control, and many more. So, make podcasts as your native part of the website with this WordPress plugin which comes under minimum prices.

Smart Podcast Player WordPress Plugin Features to Gaze at,

  • Extensive customization features
  • In-built social sharing button
  • Automatic updates of the library
  • Support Mp3 audio files

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 2Seriously Simple Podcasting

If you’re a naive wanting to build up your first podcast, this is the perfect one to get started. Seriously simple podcast player helps users to embed podcasts on their websites without a premium purchase of hosting or media player. It’s a user-friendly solution that can broadcast multiple podcast episodes on a single website.

When you’ll use it for the first time, the thing that will attract you is its simplicity. It’s extremely simple and user-friendly interface can streamline the process of uploading a podcast. So, you can focus more on your recording part rather than worrying about how to embed it on your site.

The plugin also makes your site compatible with Google Play, iTunes, and other services where you can embed the podcast for better reach. So, it’s the ideal choice for beginners.

Seriously Simple Podcasting Features to gaze at,

  • You can run multiple podcasts simultaneously with unique RSS feeds
  • It supports audio and video podcasting
  • A user-friendly dashboard to manage your podcasts.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 3Simple Podcast Press

Simple podcast press helps users to design their podcast episodes organized on their websites. The process of configuration of the plugin is extremely simple as compared to others. You have to enter your SoundCloud or iTunes URL to get started with the plugin. It will create different pages for different podcasts and display them in an HTML5 player. And the best part is that it’s compatible with all podcast hosting services.

For your listeners, it has timestamps that allow them to jump to the exact topic that they want to listen to. Aside from that, it has an in-built social sharing button that allows your listeners to share your podcasts within a single click.

This WordPress plugin fetches the information and description of your podcast episodes and updates your WordPress site automatically.

Simple Podcast Press Features to gaze at,

  • Built-in review showcasing features of iTunes
  • It shortens the URL automatically
  • Time-stamps to help users with lesser attention spans.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 4Blubrry PowerPress

Another WordPress podcast plugin is in your bucket-blueberry PowerPress. It’s one of the best plugins that can help you embed your podcast on the website. Blubrry supports both audio and video podcast players at the same time. So, whether you have recorded an audio podcast or a video, fret not, you can upload both on your site.

The best intriguing part of the plugin is its SEO feature. You can custom create the episode titles for RSS feeds and make ways to enhance the visibility of your podcast on Google and iTunes.

Also, it offers you subscription tools and other features to facilitate your podcast journey.

Blubrry PowerPress Key features to gaze at,

  • Modern operation mode
  • 100% support for your Google Play and iTunes
  • HTML5 player to make it friendly for your listeners
  • SEO functionality

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 5Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove podcast publisher has actually built its plugin while considering WordPress in mind. Unlike other players, it’s supremely built for WordPress and not for any third-party platforms. So, if you’re looking for the ideal WordPress podcast plugin, turn nowhere than this Podlove podcast publisher. Created by Podlove, the plugin helps to increase the standard of your podcast by offering a range of solutions that solve your podcast issues.

The best part of this plugin is that it comes with a detailed analytics and subscription feature. Also, you can manage the podcasts directly from the website without jumping here and there. Aside from that, it makes your site super compatible for podcasts offering you an in-and-out control over your feeds.

With an enhanced HTML5 podcast player and custom templating option, Podlove has been thriving in the field of WordPress podcast plugins since its inception. In case you face any issue while working with this plugin, there are forums and developers of Podlove waiting to solve your problems ASAP.

Podlove Podcast Publisher Key features to gaze at,

  • In-built subscription feature
  • Analytics to help you track your site performance
  • HTML5 player
  • Flexible user interface

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 6Libsyn Podcasting Plugin

Libsyn podcasting is another WordPress podcast plugin that helps you connect the podcast site to the plugin’s account. You can create episodes on this plugin, save them or schedule them to publish on your WordPress site. The best part of this plugin is its concern for users.

The plugin adds no additional pressure on your WordPress site server as all your media will remain on its own server. This means you have to add the files to the plugin from your website and it will hold no space on your website’s server. So, even if your website server slows down, users will still be able to listen to the podcasts or download them.

So, pretty clearly Libsyn can be a great solution for your WordPress podcast plugins.

Libsyn Podcasting Plugin Key features to gaze at,

  • External cloud hosting
  • HTML5 media player compatibility
  • You can list the podcast on their directory if you’re subscription of Libsyn

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 7Power Press

Powerpress is a strong WordPress podcasting plugin that simplifies your podcast management process. You can simply embed podcasts into your website and then submit it to iTunes and google play store. The plugin creates RSS feeds to support your podcast on these platforms. This also makes your website layout beautiful because it has an HTML5 player.

You can have your subscription tools with the help of this plugin to boost your subscriber base. However, you can reap the utmost benefits from PowerPress with Blubrry hosting services. Aside from that, you can obtain their support 24*7 from their community forum where podcasters already describe their experience with the plugin.

Power Press Key features to gaze at,

  • HTML5 media player
  • 24*7 support
  • iTunes and Play Store compatible

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 8Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout podcasting is a type of premium WordPress podcast plugin solution. If you want the best plugin for your site, then Buzzsprout is right up your alley facilitating all the features like iTunes support, statistics, HTML5 players, etc. You can have everything that you need to get started with your podcast journey.

The plugin allows you to take a trial of two hours to understand the nitty-gritty of the platform and then you can decide whether to buy them or not. However, it offers you the cheapest hosting plan of $12 per month. And the premium plan comes under $24 per month.

But the only limitation with this plugin is that even with the premium plan, you’ll only be allowed to podcast for only 12 hours. So, it might not be suitable for people who don’t want any expensive restrictions. But, if you want to use it for a limited period, this is the ideal solution.

Buzzsprout Podcasting Key features to gaze at,

  • Simple user interface
  • HTML5 player
  • Powerful analytics
  • External hosting

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 9Featured Podcast Widget

Featured podcast widget is another WordPress plugin solution for you. This plugin allows you to add podcasts like a widget on the sidebar of your website. It actually comes under the premium version of PowerPress by Blubrry. So, if you have bought the premium plans of power press, then you can easily use this plugin as an add-on feature.

In that case, head over to WordPress dashboard>appearance>widgets>add the featured podcast. Tada! you’ll be done with your WordPress sidebar. You can customize the setting and add as many things as you want to such as the latest episode, category, etc.

Featured Podcast Widget Features to gaze at,

  • Featured podcasts anywhere
  • HTML5 player
  • 24*7 community forum support

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 10As Heard On

This plugin helps you to yield the utmost benefits of embedding podcasts for your website. As heard on helps you to feature the podcasts that you want to showcase on the site. It allows you to showcase as many podcasts as you want to provide you the chance to get featured on many podcasts and leverage the power of social media.

You can customize the details like adding podcast name, thumbnail, hostname and episode URL, etc to your podcast. Also, this plugin has an album art for the display images and you have uploaded the featured image manually. Once you’ve successfully published the podcasts, you can display them on your page, blog posts in the form of a widget.

As Heard On Features to gaze at,

  • Smart and user-friendly interface
  • HTML5 player
  • Feature podcasts limitlessly

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 11Fusebox Podcast Player

Fusebox is one of the best WordPress podcast plugins available on this date. It has every feature that you require to get started with your WordPress podcast journey such as a single episode player, playlist player, sticky player, etc.

You can customize everything and make it exactly how you want your podcasts to be. Also, it has features like timestamps and other tools to collect the user’s email address. So, it’s an all-in-one solution for your website.

Fusebox Podcast Player Features to gaze at,

  • Independent customization feature
  • HTML5 player
  • Timestamps to allow users to skim through.


Podcasts websites are currently booming and there are no chances to see any drop in the number of growing audiences to listen to podcasts. Because the user’s attention span is reducing with each passing day. People want something smart, quick, and hassle-free.

Podcasts are something that they can listen to on-the-go. This is one of the major reasons why the podcast is growing like anything. We have listed here the best WordPress plugin for podcasting to help you narrow down the choices.

According to WPlearningSpot experts, we recommend you use the Blubrry PowerPress to drive maximum organic growth through the help of SEO. Else if you’re a beginner seriously simple podcasting is also an ideal solution for beginner level.

Aside from that, you’ve got all the information here. It will help you choose the best one according to your business requirements.

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