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24*7 WordPress Support: Learn to Get WordPress Help in Two20

Imagine: you are working on your WordPress website; maybe you are installing a theme, activating a plugin, configuring a new setting, then BOOM!!! An Error Occurred. What will you do now? How will you fix up the things now?

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When you are using WordPress for running your website or a personal blog, it’s common that you face a sudden glitch. Over the years after providing support to our users regarding WordPress issues, the common scenario we have pointed to is that users ask questions in a doubtful manner.

When we first started out, it was likely for us to get overwhelmed by the infinite information pertaining to WordPress around the internet. So, we will show you in this article how you can ask for WordPress support and get it.

Resources Where You Will Find WordPress Support

There are multiple resources available when it comes to WordPress support, starting from official forums to social media groups. In the midst of overwhelming information, it’s quite likely for you to get carried away by the misleading resources. So, take a look at the best and effective ways here to find out an instant solution for your technical glitches,

  • There are official resources including WordPress codex, admin help, developer handbook at wordpress.livechat@gmail.com.
  • There are WordPress forums, social media channels like WordPress Facebook groups, WordPress LinkedIn groups, Reddit, Slack, etc.
  • You can also contact us to get customized WordPress support @WpLearningSpot.

The Best Places to Meet Your Support Needs More Quickly

There are different types of issues people face. You might be facing issues installing a plugin, you might be facing issues learning a new skill, you want to know more about WordPress code, etc. So, we are penning down the best places to meet your help needs,

  • If you are facing WordPress hosting related issues or you are facing issues regarding WordPress Installation, then head over to the help section with you question. Type in the problems you have there,

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  • Do you want to get your question answered? Then a Facebook group or support forum is the best place.
  • Want to learn more about WordPress code? The best place is to try the developer’s handbook or codex.

You can contact us to resolve your customized problems? Click here!

Prior to Asking for WordPress Support

Ok!! So before you know the way of asking questions or you start asking questions as you can’t resist yourself from resolving the glitches, First understand, what is WordPress? It’s an open-source community platform. This means anyone can contribute patches, create plugins, theme, fix bugs, support the changes, etc. The platform is completely free to use and most of their plugins are also free unless you opt for the premium version.

Most of the individual plugin developers might not always be part of WordPress core team members. They create plugins to test their creativity and skills. Else they may create the plugins for their own freelance projects. So, unless they have upgraded the plugin to the premium version, know that it’s free.

So, while you are asking for WordPress support, the least you can do is to be respectful. They are a bunch of creative people sitting over there to help you fix a problem mostly for free. But, sometimes you may have to pay some bucks depending on the intricacy of your problem.

Now, How Will You Ask the Proper Question For the WordPress Support?

The only best place to ask for WordPress support is the support forums. You can head over to WordPress.org. The page will open like this,

So, from here you see the “support” tab. Else if you have plugin related issues to resolve then you can click on the “plugin” section from here. Then the list of plugins will show up. From there you can click on the specific plugin and head over to the “View Support Forum”.

So, from here you will be directed to the WordPress support forum page. Before you ask your own questions, take a little time out to check if someone has already answered that. The best way to find it out is to Google the question.

If you are facing completely new issues, then be aware of the improper ways of asking questions to the WordPress team. For example, let’s look at the type of wrong example,

“Hey Dude, I have been facing problems with your stupid ABC plugin. If you can’t make it then why do you waste our time? I have wasted my valuable time with this stupid thing. Will you help me sort it out now?”

This type of tone will only help you to damage your own image. People are making plugins to help users like you. The glitches are not intentional. So, you should be mindful that they are here to provide you help for free in most cases. The developers will invest some of the valuable time to sort out your issue. Now all they are asking from you is to be a little respectful.

Let’s take a look at the best approach to ask help from the WordPress support team,

“Hey friend, thank you for making this amazing ABC plugin. Unfortunately, I am unable to figure out how to get it to work right. I would appreciate some help here.

  • My WordPress version.
  • Plugin version and name.
  • I want you to know that I have done “this” to solve the issues. But, I failed.
  • Include your error code.
  • My hosting Service name.
  • Different solutions I have exerted.

Thank you for reading my problem out. Kindly help me out with this issue.”

In this message, you are letting your developer know all the details he needs to know to solve your issue. The chances of getting your issue resolved here are much higher than the previous example we have shown you.

Once you create this support thread, you can now reach out to the twitter of the developer to help you have a faster response. Let us show you the tweet example,

“Hey “the developer name”, I am facing issues with the plugin (name of the plugin). I would appreciate some help here. Link the support thread.”


Note: Don’t start throwing him the message all over the social platform. Allow at least 24-48 hours to the developer to get a response.

The only best way to ask for WordPress support is= support thread + tweet.

Don’t annoy the developer and look for them all over the social platforms. It will only make a bad first impression of yours.

Multiple Resources Regarding WordPress Help

  • Admin Help – When you are using a WordPress site, you can access the help by clicking on the Help at the top right corner of your admin screen. You will also get multiple links regarding common problems people face while a website installation.
  • WordPress Codex – Codex is the comprehensive guide to hooks, classes and various functions regarding WordPress. You can learn how the code works and real-time examples.
  • Developer’s Handbook – It’s an official guide designed by WordPress that includes advice on WordPress coding standards, common issues, APIs. There are guides related to block editor, theme development, plugin development, etc.
  • WordPress Support Forum – WordPress support forums are there to help you get answers to certain questions related to WordPress. If you are a beginner or a pro, these forums are always helpful.
  • Stack Exchange – It’s a forum for developers. It has a section for WordPress support where you can check the answers to the common questions.

How to Get in Touch With WordPress Live Chat Support?

If you are a user of wordpress.com || wordpress.org then there is a 24*7 support available without paying an extra. WordPress has its own engineers who have all the answers to your queries. You may face a serious problem where you need real-time help. The WordPress support forums are helpful but you have to wait for at least 24 hours to resolve your queries. So, when you feel the urgency to solve instant queries then hop on the chat feature.

Follow the simple steps to explore the live chat features,

  •         Log into your wordpress.com.
  •         Click on the icon in the lower right side corner to explore the resources related to WordPress help.
  •         Click on “contact us”.
  •         A box will appear before you write “how can we help?” so type in your query there.
  •         Press the “chat with us” to start chatting.

Currently, the WordPress live chat is available for 24 hours a day MON-FRI under all plans. But for business and eCommerce plans, weekend support too is available.

Note: In case the engineers are busy chatting with you at that moment, your message will surely be sent over mail to provide you a solution as quickly as possible.


Looking For an Instant Solution to Fix Your Issues? Speak With Us!

What to Do When You Are Using a Paid Plugin?

When you are paying for a plugin or commercial theme, it’s suggested to use the proper support channels. Most of the paid products have their own support forums. When users ask us how to avail WordPress support on these issues, then we simply advise them to ask on the right platform.

When you are facing any issue, it’s important to do the right thing to fix the issues ASAP. If you ask questions on the wrong platforms then only you will be wasting time. Also, when you are asking on the right platform, be respectful.

Because you paid for the plugin or theme, it doesn’t provide you the right to ask them disrespectfully. Glitches are common and unintentional. So, you should be nice when you are asking for help. Most of the developers will like to solve your issue if you ask them politely.

Opt for Troubleshooting

When you are facing issues the most common thing is to opt for the troubleshooting option. Mostly the common WordPress plugin conflicts get sorted by the troubleshooting option. The problems include fixing the white screen of death, server error, memory exhaustion, database connection establishing error, etc.


People want to be nice when asking questions for WordPress support. But, they don’t know how to ask questions in a polite manner.

So, we have shown you the appropriate approach to resolve your problem by an expert WordPress developer. All you have to do is; Be NICE. You can also donate a few bucks to them if you are impressed by the developer.

It will help him to further upgrade the plugin or theme to enhance your experience.

Lastly, if you are still facing WordPress related issues, then you are always welcome. Contact us over wordpress.livechat@gmail.com to get real-time support.

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