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Follow WooCommerce Support Guide. Fix WooCommerce Issues

Put your eyes to this WooCommerce support tutorial guide and fix small to big issues pertaining to WooCommerce!

Well, needless to mention WooCommerce plugin is the one-stop-solution for eCommerce businesses.

Isn’t it?

For sure it is. You won’t need a second thought while integrating this plugin with your WordPress site. This is the best plugin so far for eCommerce businesses. But, what if you face a glitch (*Error)? What if things don’t turn out as you have imagined? What if you get stuck to any issue?

Need not to worry – Pen down your issue to the alluded Official WooCommerce Customer Support email ID – WooCommerce.livechat@gmail.com. 

Often, that’s why we are here for you. The article pertains to the resources regarding WooCommerce support. We will help you solve the problem right away by following a few simplified steps.

How to Get WooCommerce Support?

Well if you are facing issues regarding WooCommerce plugin installation or any technical glitches, it’s easy to come out of it. There are two paths to follow,

  • You Can Solve the Issues By Yourself

You can solve the issues in some cases and you won’t need to open a ticket or wait for a reply from the developer’s end. But how do you do that?

Fret Not!! Follow the steps with us,

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard or WP admin panel.
  • Find the tab related to WooCommerce and its products. The usual process in most cases is WooCommerce>Products and then select the help from the top right corner. In rare cases the step can be WooCommerce>dashboard & customers> help. The page will open up like this,

So, you can see the help bar opens up four tabs that include the following,

  • Help // Support – It provides you the link to WordPress.org, documentation, and WooCommerce.com support.
  • Found a Bug? – It helps you to submit bugs directly in the WooCommerce support. But, before you submit a bug make sure you have verified it twice.
  • Education – From this sector, you can take up the courses regarding WooCommerce.
  • Setup Wizard – It helps you to get started with the WooCommerce platform seamlessly.


  • You Can Contact WooCommerce Help Desk

Well, availing the WooCommerce help desk is much like the process applied for availing WordPress support. You have to open up your admin panel and submit a ticket. But before you submit your ticket make sure you go through the platform for once.

There are already people who have asked several questions. So, if you have similar problems then you will get an instant solution from there without even submitting the ticket and waiting for a response.

What is the WooCommerce Support Policy?

The support policy is designed by WooCommerce developers itself. They keep amending this policy to keep it helpful for users.

Note: WooCommerce only provides support for its products. This means, if you have bought products from WooCommerce.com, then only you are eligible for availing the WooCommerce support.

The support service covers product installation assistance and its configuration. The ultimate way to resolve an issue regarding WooCommerce is by submitting a ticket. But, before that, there are a couple of ways to answer your queries already by tapping here.

The page will open up like this,

You can select an issue from this tab and you can have your question answered. If not then submit a ticket.

How Does WooCommerce Support Help You?

WooCommerce helps you fix a bug in their products. So, if you are facing any issue in products you have bought from WooCommerce.com then the team will try to resolve the issue once after you submit a ticket. So once you find a bug in a product, contact the experts immediately.

For a Quick Solution Contact Our Experts Today!!!


Note: WooCommerce support services won’t cover the support for products that have been supplied by third parties. So, if you have any third party products enabled in your system then the team might need you to disable it before helping you out

What Is Not Covered By WooCommerce Support Help?

WooCommerce support won’t allow you to customize any product. So, if you want any product to be upgraded, then it’s a waste of time as the team won’t be able to help you. So, the products that are available on WooCommerce.com will be the same unless the team upgrades them.

If you want to know about any third party services then there are two most common sources; Wooexperts and Codeable.

For any product-related issues, WooCommerce support will only be available to you through their helpdesk. WooCommerce support service won’t be available to you through any third party channels like Facebook, Email, and Twitter.

Depending on which product you have bought, you might be able to avail of the WooCommerce live chat option @WooCommerce.livechat@gmail.com.

Things to remember when you submit a Ticket

There are a couple of things which you should take note of when submitting or creating a ticket on WooCommerce support. The team will ask you the following things,

  • Your login details,
  • Your ticket number.

The information you provide to the support team will remain confidential so you don’t need to worry about data leakage.

What If You Buy Paid WooCommerce Products?

On each of the paid product pages, there is information available regarding the help. If the extension is designed by the WooCommerce expert then it will be written: “Handled by WooCommerce.”

Else any certified developers might have designed the extension. In that case, the product will be marked as “Handled by Partner”. So, when you submit a question regarding the extension the question is sent directly to the developer.

So, if the extension is developed by a WooCommerce expert then the team gets back to you as soon as possible. Whereas if it is handled by certified developers then a request is sent to them directly.

Other Information Regarding WooCommerce Support

There are relevant community forums unlike WordPress to assist you with your issue. You can also check the FAQs that contain common question answers which may help you resolve a usual problem. The support hours for WooCommerce are between Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 08:30 to 17:00 (South African Standard Time, or GMT+2).


When you are submitting a ticket, make sure that you follow the same code of conduct that is applicable when you seek WordPress support.

The developers here are investing their valuable time to resolve your issues. The least they expect from you is: be respectful.

Also, WooCommerce paid products to have their own support page to help you solve any glitch.

Unless you face a severe problem, you don’t need to submit a ticket as it takes a minimum of 24 hours time to resolve the issue. But, if you want a more customized solution within much less time, you contact on our Official WooCommerce Customer Support email ID – WooCommerce.livechat@gmail.com