List of Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins 2020

Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins (Updated List of Jan 2024)

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“Woocommerce Inventory Management Plugins – Helping you pick, pack and ship with perfect accuracy”

Every eCommerce business owner wants to hear stock sold-out notifications.

But not for too long and eventually wish they would have gotten notified 🔔 prior to going out of stock. This way, they might have managed to refill the stock earlier and made a good number of sales.

Not only that but there are many other hustles that every eCommerce business owner to wholesaler faces while managing their online store.

Of course, running an online eCommerce store is not an easy job. If it was easy everyone would do it.

But not anymore!

WooCommerce inventory management is simplified with a click 🖱️.

Those who always search for – how to manage stock in WooCommerce?

Avail out the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins designed with WordPress compatibility in mind which had simplified managing WooCommerce stock in a jiffy.


If you’re familiar with the term inventory management and just looking for the best-fit WordPress plugin for inventory management. Click the plus icon to see 22 WooCommerce inventory management plugins shorted with an average customer rating. If not, keep reading…

Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins +

In short – Inventory management (IM) is a necessary and profitable practice for an e-store owner to make a good number of sales. But it can be a bit tricky if you’re managing it on your own. Do you know why?

It’s because keeping all the records like how many orders we have, when to reorder, where to store stock, etc. are much more complicated than it seems.

But it can be simplified by using one of the most preferred plugins for eCommerce owners – WooCommerce, followed by another 22 WordPress Inventory plugins for WooCommerce inventory management.

Does WooCommerce have inventory management? Yes, the WooCommerce plugin has inventory management system functionality. Not only individual WooCommerce but there are many plugins powered by WooCommerce which allow you to track your stock and inventory easily.

These WooCommerce | WordPress plugins allow you to manage your WooCommerce inventory (the stock) easily and instantly.

And, as we have discussed above, managing WooCommerce inventory in a proper way can be an improving factor for your sales and it may add some strategic value to your entire business.

Apart from that, you may also yield many other benefits like warehouse management, employee efficiency, balancing inventory, exact planning, and so forth.

When it comes to managing the entire inventory manually, it seems like a never-ending and impossible task to you. But these WooCommerce inventory management plugins help you to manage your store’s stock very easily.

According to WpLearningSpot expert research, there are a lot of WordPress inventory management plugins that perform the same task. But choosing the best one is confusing while each one is striving to provide better service.

Well, we’ve cut the hassle out for you by bringing together some of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins in one place.

Let’s make inventory management easier like never before with these automated tools.

But before bending towards the list let us make it clear to you in detail — What is inventory management for WooCommerce?

Keep reading the guide…

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a process of out-source, storing, and selling the inventory (your stock) whether it be the raw stock or finished products.

More of, inventory management in short is known as “IM” and is an automated tracking approach to manage product stocks including both finished goods and raw materials.

In definitive (*unlocked) terms; Inventory means the stock of items that are available in your eCommerce store and Management means managing the items you sell from your store. Together it may consist of — management of the raw materials, finished products, components, warehousing, etc.

These days, inventory management is also miswritten with the following names; WooCommerce inventory management and sometimes WordPress inventory management.

So, when people ask – what is WooCommerce inventory management? It simply means the management of products’ stock (inventory).

In other words, IM is the process of managing the stock’s storage, order fulfillment, controlling the product’s amount for sale, and whatnot of a store. It can be a solid managing method for the entire products of your eCommerce store.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and understand the requirement of inventory management…

Why Do You Need of Inventory Management Plugins?

In order to understand — why do you need WooCommerce inventory management plugins, let’s figure out the problems (difficulties) you face while managing your inventory (*Store Products) manually.

The problems you face while managing WooCommerce inventory manually are — time consumption, boredom, product updation, a large database, and inefficient inventory batch tracking.

Manual inventory management is nothing but a nightmare.

Let’s peep deeper into the inventory management problems you’ll face;

  • Time-Consuming

Managing your stock manually is a time-consuming process, whereas, with plugins you don’t need to do anything, they manage your entire store automatically.

  • Boring Job

Managing your store’s stock manually means you have to open your dashboard and set it every time whether it is setting prices, balancing inventory, creating products, editing inventory reports, or any other changes. This may be a boring task for you.

  • Product Updation

In a WooCommerce store, you often need to update many things frequently, such as customers, orders, and many more that you can’t update one by one. Because doing this manually is just a waste of your time.

  • Unable to Handle Large Database

This is good as long as you have limited products and categories. As soon as you have too many categories and products to manage, you will start facing problems to handle it.

  • No Inline Edit

It is impossible to tweak changes in your existing inventory which has unlimited variables because you will have to go to that particular variable to make any changes in the list which is tireless.

  • Managing Inventory in Bulk

WooCommerce stock management in bulk is too complicated. It is not possible to manage all your products’ lists simultaneously.

  • Inventory Batch Tracking and Control

Speaking about tracking and controlling inventory, it’s not easy. Whereas a plugin can perform such tasks automatically.
So, to avoid these problems, nightmares, and manage your WooComemrce inventory efficiently you need WooCommerce inventory management plugins.

That’s it!

What Is The Importance of Inventory Management In An Online Business?

Anyway, you’re searching for — Why is inventory management important? The importance of inventory management is –

  • Inventory management helps you increase your profit.
  • Inventory management helps you make it easier to run your online business.
  • Inventory management helps to improve your customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory management helps to maintain all your records (like – what & how much stock is available in your warehouse, how it sells, etc.).
  • Inventory management helps to facets multi-feature at a time.

Not only that but the importance of inventory management can be realized in an online business while managing inventory efficiently and effectively.

Not just to say but in today’s era, from small to medium businesses to top-level companies most of them use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Without a smart approach, you may face lots of difficulties including loss, bad customer support, blown-out costs, and even outright failure.

As you know, the value of an inventory cannot be measured in an eCommerce store, which is why WooCommerce stock management is beneficial for your operational efficiency and longevity.

Whereas, clear visibility helps you;

  • Optimized fulfillment.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Offer good customer service.
  • Prevent loss from theft, returns, and spoilage.

However, managing your WooCommerce store’s inventory is completely based on the types of inventory management as well as the channel through which you sell them. So, let’s understand why do you need it?

Now you are well-known about the needs and importance of inventory software, let’s bend towards the main point – WooCommerce Inventory Management software list….

2022’s Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

Not 1, 2, 5, 10, here we are illustrating 22 best WooCommerce inventory management plugins. Have a look…

  1. TradeGecko
  2. Katana
  3. Zoho WooCommerce Plugin
  4. Orderhive Inventory Management
  5. Veeqo WooCommerce Order and Inventory Plugin
  6. WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager
  7. eSwap
  8. DEAR Inventory
  9. Smart Manager
  10. Ecomdash
  11. WooCommerce Product Stock Manager
  12. WooCommerce POS Inventory Management
  13. Atum Inventory Management for WooCommerce
  14. WordPress Inventory Management WooCommerce
  15. WooCommerce Stock Inventory Management
  16. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce
  17. Stitch
  18. WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager
  19. Storepep
  20. Finale Inventory
  21. MRPeasy
  22. PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit

Let’s hear out the rumble of each inventory management plugin in detail…

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 1TradeGecko

TradeGecko WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

“The right choice for wholesalers and retailers”

“Our experts stated: TradeGecko is the MASTER of Inventory Management.”

To this, they even penned down an article – TradeGecko: Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin 2020.

Skip and learn a bit about the TradeGecko here only ~

No doubt, TradeGecko is one of the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins launched by Carl Thompson and Cameron & Bradley Priest in 2013.

Literally, TradeGecko is an effective solution for inventory *(Stock) management that targets wholesalers and retailers in the online market.

Being one of the most popular multi-channel WooCommerce inventory management tools, it allows the entrepreneur to integrate their products and services to small to large-sized online stores.

With the help of this plugin, the visibility of the product increases, and a large number of buyers are able to search for their products.

This tool gives enough equipment to launch a wholesale business by creating a wholesale price for the available products and services. This helps to update the details of products on multiple channels without facing any complexity.

Additionally, it is also a B2B eCommerce platform that allows wholesalers to sell their products directly to their customers.

This software is designed to help business activities like sales and supply chains through inventory control. All the customers are able to generate sales and purchase orders, create reports, and track the inventory easily through multiple warehouses.

The best thing is this software is also available as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and apple watch that lets you manage products and orders easily.

This TradeGecko WordPress plugin integrated with much other cloud-based software such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, and many more.

Finally, we will only say that if you started a WooCommerce business and wish to make a good sale then there is no need to go elsewhere. This is one of the best plugins for you to control your entire inventory management system. It offers a lot more features. Let’s take a look, 

Features of TradeGecko

  • Pay Online

TradeGecko provides features that enable users to pay online. In other words, pay online means the user can purchase their products online without any facing an issue or delay.

  • Stock Updation

This software helps to update stock levels automatically whenever any transaction of the sale is made. This tool reduces the complexity of creating any spreadsheets for such transactions.

  • Orders Management

This tool helps to manage inventory and orders of a company. This activity is done by keeping all the records of purchase and sale.

  • B2B eCommerce Platform

Another good feature of TradeGecko oms is a private B2B eCommerce platform that enables online wholesalers to run their business. This means that all the wholesalers can sell their products online directly to the customers.

  • Multiple Warehouse

This software can efficiently manage multiple warehouses at a particular point in time. With the help of this feature, an entrepreneur can store the data of single products in more than one warehouse.

  • Integrated Platform

It integrates with numerous eCommerce platforms at a point in time. Some of the platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, etc.

Pricing of TradeGecko

TradeGecko (QuickBooks Commerce) is as transparent as its features. You can start a full-featured trial today and later can pick a plan. However, no credit card is required to start a trial, just register and get started straight away.

Plan Price Features Learn More
Founder $39 1 user, 10 sales orders/month, Single warehouse, Mobile Sales app, B2B Commerce Platform, and more View Plans
Lite $79 2 users, 100 sales orders/month, Single warehouse, Mobile Sales app, B2B Commerce Platform, and more View Plans
Small Business $199 5 users, 1000 sales orders/month, Multiple warehouses, Mobile Sales app, B2B Commerce Platform, and more View Plans
Business $599 8 users, 2500 sales orders/month, Multiple warehouses, Mobile Sales app, B2B Commerce Platform, and more View Plans

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 2Katana; Best for SME Manufacturers

Katana MRP WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Made by manufacturers, for manufacturers

WpLearningSpot strategies and IM experts honored Katana with the 2nd best inventory management plugin.

Back to that of TradeGecko, Katana offers the maximum no of benefits to manage the inventory (IM).

Definitely, Katana makes it easy for manufacturers to sell on eCommerce platforms and to manage business operations and inventory as-well.

Going forth you can control stock product recipes, ensure timely purchase of ingredients, avoid stock-outs with important alerts, and manage the production responsibilities of team members without utmost ease.

It also succors with scaling-up your business sales and definitely can make your financial year the remarkable year.

Entrepreneurs automatically can book orders in accordance with the availability of raw materials in their e-store.

On-and-off, basically, with this plugin, you can focus on the overall sales and orders placed either by you or your customers.

Look at it this way, it is used to maintain an inventory that contains raw or intermediate goods and helps the entrepreneur to take control of all the equipment that is used to produce finished goods.

Last but not least ~

  • It provides complete visibility of the inventory fulfillment process.
  • Have a visual dashboard.
  • Specifically designed for the needs of modern manufacturers who want to scale their small to mid-sized business.

So if you’re an entrepreneur and wish to analyze your business performance, try out Katana!

Features of Katana

Coolest feature ever in the age of inventory management. Gaze each with not so long-lasting detail.

  • Production Planning

PP is one of the most useful features provided by Katana. By this, an entrepreneur can choose the right product that needs to be manufactured.

  • Provides Manufacturing Units

The order and manufacturing unit are proportional to each other. Having zero order can make your product worthless and vice-versa.

But don’t fret, with Katana, you will get all small to big unit details of the manufactured products and hence you can cover the sales order of a company automatically.

  • Generate Manufacture Report

Upon gazing at the manufacturing unit detail, you will think of making a report and manual creation of a report is not a cup of tea.

Again, don’t fret, the retort is here – with Katana, you can also export that manufacturing detail report.

To this, you see the number of products built on a daily basis and can control floor-level manufacturing products.

  • Control Purchases

Not only the manufacturing units but with Katana you can also control the purchases made from your store.

And the formula is here – just equalize the order of purchase and products that have to be manufactured. Again, you need not go manual, this purchase will be automatically handled with the help of Katana.

  • Generate Cost

With Katana, you can generate an accurate level of cost. As the manual calculation of the cost can be a bit risky. And the formula of generating cost is as – the total number of products manufactured per day and how much it is sold.

Pricing of Katana

Katana is priced to scale with your business. 🙂 

The time your business grows, you can upgrade your plan by scaling up + Additional users and + Additional operators. Isn’t it cool?


Price Features Learn More
Essential plan $99 One user included, Up to three warehouses, Integrations with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce), Integrations with accounting platforms (Xero, QuickBooks Online), Chat support for all your questions View Plans
PRO plan


One user included, Unlimited warehouses, Batch/lot number tracking, Floor-level mobile app, Up to three floor-level operators included (can be an employee or a workstation), Access to Katana API View Plans

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 3Zoho Inventory; Best for MSMEs to Large-scale Corporations

Zoho WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

The right choice for growing businesses; Free | low-cost plans!

Literally, Zoho is one of the best and unique WooCommerce inventory management plugins that mainly focus on sales.

Get professionally designed eCommerce stores, pick your favorite template, drop the layouts, and get started with your eCommerce journey. It can fully control inventory management and order fulfillment of your e-store.

Also, you can easily track all your products be it the ones manufactured in batches or the ones manufactured with serial numbers.

Further on, this cloud-based inventory management plugin helps the entrepreneur to synchronize all the WooCommerce orders. As of, experts state Zoho is integrated with other modern plugins that help the entrepreneur to sell their products on different platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

By using Zoho you can synchronize all the WooCommerce commands and can come up with better inventory management.

Key Features of Zoho

Those who wish to get ultimate and unique IM, try using Zoho. Needless to mention, Zoho provides the ultimate and unique feature, mentioned as follows:

  • Easy Installation

From setup to installation you will find Zoho performing the best. Yes, Zoho the top-rated WooCommerce inventory management plugin comes up with the one-step installation process. So, it’s damn easy to install Zoho with your eCommerce store.

Also, the process of performing tasks over Zoho is superb!

  • Integration Facility

The unique one feature is here – Integration! Yes, unlike other IM plugins, Zoho too comes up with the integration process. But do you know – the integration was introduced by Zoho itself.

Another big hidden story is Zoho tested the integration feature with Amazon, the most used eCommerce store today!

So with Zoho, you can integrate with several stores at a time.

  • Product Synchronization

Synchronization is the tornado headache of business owners. But, with Zoho, you can synchronize all your product data with ease. Not only that but it also easily maps the field of products with WooCommerce product data.

  • Synchronize WooCommerce Plugins

Zoho synchronization feature parts don’t end with the product synchronization but it also synchronizes with all the WooCommerce plugins. This facility helps the entrepreneur to reduce the cost of installation of all the plugins separately.

  • Quick Notification

Getting notified upon the stock product sale and over the stock emptiness is damn important for an eCommerce business owner.

And can you believe just by hitting the enable notification button you will be able to get a reminder once your product is sold out and your stock becomes empty.

Hurray, the biggest problem is waved away.

  • Product Management

Zoho lets you easily migrate or add your products to the online store, that too with a single click.

So, now you can manage all the details of your product effortlessly and optimize it for SEO as well.

Zoho Pricing

Get your best inventory management plugin pricing detail here…

Plan Price Features Learn More
Free $0

25 online/offline orders, 50 shipping labels, 50 shipment tracking, 1 Warehouse, 2 Users, Integrate 1 Shopify store, 5 Automated Workflows, and more.

View Plans

Basic $49  1500 online/offline orders, 150 shipping labels, 150 shipment tracking, 2 Warehouse, 10 Users, Integrate 1 Shopify store, 10 Automated Workflows, and more. View Plans
Standard $99 10000 online/offline orders, 1000 shipping labels, 1000 shipment tracking, 5 Warehouse, 15 Users, Integrate 2 Shopify stores, 10 Automated Workflows, Serial Number Tracking, Batch Tracking and more. View Plans
Professional $249 30000 online/offline orders, 3000 shipping labels, 3000 shipment tracking, 10 Warehouse, 20 Users, Integrate 5 Shopify stores, 10 Automated Workflows, Serial Number Tracking, Batch Tracking and more. View Plans

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 4Orderhive; Best for Retailers & Sellers

Orderhive WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

All in one software; Track. Sell. Ship. Integrate. Analyze.

Orderhive is a SaaS (Software as a Service) plugin i.e completely designed for WooCommerce inventory management for all the online stores.

It provides a ton of features, one, the most popular among them is warehouse management. So, with the Orderhive you can manage numerous warehouses with flexible stock.

Somewhat, this plugin shows us a path of connecting multiple channels all together at once. Hence opting Orderhive can help you with tracking the order your customers have placed.

Going forth, with Orderhive you can put a great performance this year!

Orderhive Key Features

Gaze some of the outstanding features submitted by Orderhive: –

  • Shipping Software

As said – “Shipping is key to inventory management”. So the very first feature submitted by Orderhive is – shipping.

Yes, it provides shipping software to you one the first place.

Well, this plugin is cost-effective and also takes less time to boost retail businesses.

  • eCommerce Automation

Not the shipping software only but it also comes up with the automation software.

So, opting for Orderhive is going to benefit you with two major IM tasks.

  • Warehouse Management

What else you want, with Orderhive you are also going to avail the warehouse management facility.

Hence, the complete flow of stock will be in your hands only.

  • Order Management

Most of the time our experts are busy solving the order issue of small to big business owners who are really close to us.

And gazing that Orderhive provides the order management feature they didn’t wait for long and placed the Orderhive in their list of 22 best WooCommerce inventory management plugins.

Yes, you heard it right, This plugin includes the facility of Order Management.

Also, entrepreneurs will be able to reduce administrative costs. Plus she/he will be able to generate the invoices for all the transactions too.

  • Auto Update

In this digital era, everyone wishes to have digital things by starting his to end. Auto cars, auto doors, and whatnot. It’s like, in the future, we will also auto start.

But the era will take it time to change. You need not to. Try using the auto-update inventory management plugin i.e — Orderhive!

Yes, one of the features of the Orderhive Inventory is SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime). This software automatically provides updates on a single platform.

Isn’t it cool? It’s!!! So, run to buy the Orderhive today and give your IM an auto-start.

  • Inventory Report

The key to inventory management is preparing the report. But, just imagine creating a report manually. Isn’t is thrilling.

For me, preparing a report that to be manually is just climbing K2.

But, with Orderhive you can prepare that report in minutes.

Yes, you heard it right, Orderhive helps you to analyze and generates reports of all the inventories. Also, you will get a report that will subsume the products available in stock.

Orderhive Pricing

The best part; opting for Orderhive will provide you 15 days free trial. No card is required.

Plan Price Features Learn More
Free $0 Free plan for Shopify users.

Basic inventory management is available for Shopify users.

View Plans
Lite $49.99  Try Orderhive at minimum cost.

Basic inventory management is available for everyone.

View Plans
Starter $149.99 Perfect for small businesses!

Your first step to becoming an organization.

View Plans
Growth $299.99 Best plan for growing businesses!

Grow your business with our complete solution.

View Plans
Enterprise $499 Tailor-made for your business.

Fixed pricing for unlimited orders; fulfilling your custom requirements & workflows.

View Plans

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 5Veeqo; Best for B2B eCommerce Retailers


For all your eCommerce fulfillment, one platform!

Holding a big back office. Don’t fret, Veeqo is exactly for you.

Yes, you heard it right.

Veeqo is a big data gamer and can automate your entire back office in just one click.

Desperate to see the Veeqo dashboard, have a look…

As seen, it can be integrated, make you aware of the specific sale date, the requirement of the payment, stock in waiting, order which are damn ready to ship, and whatnot.

Last but not least – it is a complete warehouse controller from a single platform.

Key Features of Veeqo Plugin

  • Editing Facility

Might not or definitely or may get shipping feature with any other IM (Inventory management) plugin but have you ever faced the editing feature of shipping task.

Definitely not!

But with Veeqo, you become eligible to customize the shipping items in accordance with the relevance of the product and its order.

  • Quick Search

Yes, you are also going to get an eye blink search feature with the Veeqo.

Our experts put this line and performed a survey to which then took the search feature of different inventory management plugin.

Guess what they come up with a result where Veeqo performed the best and was placed on the top of the searching feature.

It finds the order of purchase by the use of their advanced technology. Also, help with searching what the latest order of purchase done is done by customers within time.

  • Digital Picking and Packing

Have you ever heard digital packing and picking?

But here with Veeqo, you are going to get it on Live dashboard.

Just you need to scan the code on the packet to verify the order and make the placement. Hopefully, Veeqo will remove this last QR code verification task too.

  • Return Facility

Well, all the eCommerce platforms provide the return feature but you will not see this feature coming up with a plugin that also of IM.

But this dream has come true and now you can market your products on the basis of most product sales to that of the product returned.

To this, you have to avoid the products which are returned back. This was the feature we were talking above, with this plugin, you can export the sheet of the products which are returned which auto will improve your stock products.

  • Multichannel Synchronization

To be the best, you need to have all the quality your competitor has but you need to have some additional features.

Alike this quote, you will see Veeqo also providing the synchronization feature,

  • Report of Stock History

Reporting is the key of inventory management. But digital reporting is back to that of other plugins and guess what you will see this feature here in Veeqo.

It generates the report of inventory history where an entrepreneur can check all the records of their orders.

What else one wants. With this feature of Veeqo, you can come up with the ideas you put forward when you made the most sale.

Veeqo Pricing

Plan Price Features Learn More
Accelerator £120
  • 2 Users
  • Control inventory across 20+ sales channels
  • Print picking lists
  • Reports
  • Android & iOS apps
View Plans
High Growth £156
  • 4 Users
  • Purchasing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Print picking lists
  • User Permissions
  • Returns management
View Plans
Premium £200
  • 5 Users
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Cycle stock take
  • Barcode scanner
  • Optimized picking routes
  • Wholesale order management
  • More detailed reporting
View Plans
Enterprise Custom Pricing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Cycle stock take
  • Barcode scanner
  • Optimized picking routes
  • API Support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Guided Implementation Service
  • More detailed reporting
View Plans

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 6

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager Plugin

When any entrepreneur starts setting up his own business, the main part is to manage the stock of products and services. WooCommerce inventory management provides various plugins for the same.

WooCommerce rapid stock manager is the plugin that allows entrepreneurs to update the list of their stock that includes all the relevant items. With the help of this plugin, the entrepreneur can easily display all the updated items of their stock on the interface.

Every entrepreneur has its own business website where they sell their products so this plugin can be integrated to display all the updated products on that particular website.

Further on, this WooCommerce stock management plugin helps entrepreneurs to filter the products by name, category, stock management, and stock status. It also provides various options that include the updation of all the products online. Due to this, customers do not face any problem when they buy a product at the same time, you update the stock.

Key Features of WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

  • Stock Report

This plugin helps to generate the stock report of the business. This report includes the number of items purchased, sold, and damaged.

  • Batch of Stock

It helps to update the batch of the stock with the help of their ID, Name, Category. The plugin can create the product ID as a primary key and update accordingly.

  • Friendly Interface

The interface of the Rapid Stock Manager is very friendly. Entrepreneurs can easily use this plugin because of all the relevant options available online.

  • Multiple Warehouse Management

This plugin provides the facility of multiple warehouse management. It allows storing all the spare parts of a particular product.

  • Product’s Specification

This tool also provides information about the product’s specifications like image, price, when this product was last updated.

  • Instant Update

This software also provides the facility of instant updates in the inventory without loading the page. This is done by recording all the information about the product.

WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager Pricing

Features Regular License – $39 Extended License – $205
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 7eSwapeSwap WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

eSwap is a cloud-based WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It helps multiple integrations where WooCommerce is one of them. This eSwap plugin has a function where we automatically synchronize or update the stock.

It is also able to balance stock levels. This is a very fast view of the inventory warehouse. With this allowing filters per channel is very simple. CSV in eSwap includes an import/export facility for your entire inventory. Apart from that, you can use a custom tag to launch products.

eSwap Has Some of the Important Features

  • Order Management

It has the facility of order management. All the orders can be managed to control the situation of complexity.

  • Generate Stock

One of the best features of eSwap is Inventory Management. This can take ownership of all the inventories required to generate the stock of any eCommerce store.

  • Warehouse Management

The stock of a company needs to store. For this, warehouse management builds the setup to take care of large stock.

  • Management of Categories

There are multiple categories of products available in a company. To manage these categories, Product Management is the best feature provided by eSwap inventory management.

  • Generate Orders

It generates orders on a regular basis. The import and export of such stock is very necessary to build up the revenue. Here, shipping management plays an important role.

Pricing of eSwap

Beginner – $39/month Premium – $79/month Business – $199/month
Features All features included in beginner plan + All features included in the Premium plan
300 orders of sales per month 1000 orders of sales per month 3000 orders of sales per month
It provides 3 eCommerce channel 5 e-commerce channel Unlimited e-commerce channel

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 8DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

The software of DEAR inventory management is useful for small businesses. This tool is used by small retailers and wholesalers. It includes various features and is beneficial for most of the business like eCommerce, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, inventory management and accounting.

Why do small entrepreneurs need to use this software?

The reason is pretty simple – they need to import and export their products on a daily basis. So it seems complex for them to track all their finished goods and intermediate goods.

As we know every online entrepreneur needs to track the stock of all the finished goods as well as raw materials, then this one is a good option. This inventory management software will allow you to control all the transactions of sales, inventory, and shipping.

Key Features of DEAR Inventory

  • Useful for Intermediate and Finished Goods

DEAR inventory is used for Manufacturing and finished goods. This tool helps to track the number of goods manufactured on a day and how many finished goods are ready to sell in the market.

  • Job Cost

It helps to analyze the Job cost and release of material for production. Job cost is nothing but the cost of labor. How much time labor can spend to manufacture a particular product.

  • Management of Discounts

It helps to manage the Customer Discount, Product Discount, Quantity Discount. This software can save all the records of discounts provided to the customers. The discount can be distinguished with regards to product type, quantity, etc.

  • Online Sales Channel

DEAR inventory is also useful to integrate with online sales channels. Online sales channel means the number of marketplaces where an entrepreneur can sell their products. Examples of these sales channels are Shopify, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

  • Customer Report

It also helps to generate the customer report. The customer report can contain the data of all the customers who purchase the products and services from a particular company. It includes personal information and the information of the customer’s wishlist.

  • To Analyze Revenue

It helps to analyze the Cost, and also update the profit summary. It basically provides the facility to analyze the revenue of any company.

DEAR Inventory Pricing

Features Provided in packages: Monthly – $199 Annually – $2189
1 month Free Not Included Included
Users 5 5
DEAR B2B Portal 0 0
External Integration 2 2
DEAR Notification Module Add $50 Add $550
Batch & Expiry Tracking Yes Yes
Payment Processors Yes Yes
Accounting Integrations Yes Yes
Production Module Yes Yes
Support Available 24/7 Available 24/7

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 9Smart Manager

Smart Manager WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

The smart manager is a very popular WooCommerce inventory management plugin. This inventory management provides the best services to manage the products and orders. It also helps to manage the eCommerce stores.

This software helps the entrepreneur to manage the whole WooCommerce inventory directly from the particular platform by using excel spreadsheets.

All the eCommerce stores can use this plugin for the management of their inventory system. There are a number of items that need to be managed. For this, entrepreneurs should use this plugin to handle all the complex situations happening in their eCommerce site.

Key Features of Smart Manager

  • Inline Edit

This plugin provides the features to the entrepreneurs where they edit all the WooCommerce and wordpress fields available in the store.

  • Batch Update

This tool also provides the facility of batch updates. It means that the batch includes the update of categories, prices, type, the weight of a particular product.

  • Easy Reports

Smart Manager helps the entrepreneur to generate the report which includes the whole data of all the available items in the store.

  • Automatic Calculations

This plugin also provides a unique feature where it calculates the revenue generated on a day. This helps to calculate the profit and loss of business.

  • Fast Spreadsheet-like Browsing

This tool can generate the excel sheets that contain all the information related to the items of the eCommerce store.

Smart Manager Pricing

 Licence Menu – Basic (Free) Premium – Lifetime ($229) | Yearly ($169)
Features: Features Included: All features included in basic plan +
Convenient in single screen excel view Yes Yes
Provide inline editing like excel Yes Yes
Export CSV for all types of Posts X Yes
Bulk Editing X Yes
Duplicate Records X Yes

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 10Ecomdash

Ecomdash WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Ecomdash is a highly advanced WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It helps in automation of stock and manages WooCommerce very efficiently and effectively. As we all know that the success rate of any online business depends upon the management of the company’s inventory.

This software provides the facility for the automation of the products and services in the eCommerce store. There is no need to worry about the number of products sold in a day and not to waste time managing spreadsheets to keep accounts for the business transactions.

Ecomdash comes with its amazing software that helps to manage the inventory and stocks automatically. It also allows us to keep track of all the product details and keep products up to date. It allows them to sell the products from multiple channels and keep a track record of sales carefully from anywhere.

Features of Ecomdash

  • Installation is Easy

The system of Ecomdash is very easy to install. For entrepreneurs, the process of Ecomdash is easier to learn as compared to other plugins.

  • Updation Facility

To update and manage all the products of any company is also an easy task for the entrepreneurs. There is no need to do anything, the system can do all the relevant processes on their own.

  • Supply Chain Facility

This tool increases the visibility of products. The process of the supply chain is also improved by this plugin. The supply chain includes the fulfillment of those products that are out of stock.

  • Manages Sales Order

It manages all the sales orders within the sales channel. The sales orders include all the transactions where products and services are sold to the customers.

  • Multipack

This software helps to sell ​​the products of the company in a multipack. It means that more than one product is sold at a point of time to the customers, likewise, combos of 2 or 3 products.

Ecomdash Pricing

Features Provided in packages: Monthly –  $90 (Average Order of 101 to 500/month) Annually – $864 (Average Order of 101 to 500/month)
Channel Advisor Yes Yes
Administration Overview Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes
Shipping & Fulfillment Yes Yes
Restocking Feature Yes Yes
Manage Product Listing Yes Yes

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 11WooCommerce Product Stock Manager

Stock Manager WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Stock Manager is another plugin for WooCommerce inventory management that allows the entrepreneur to manage the products and their services from a particular platform.

This extension provides the facility of the updated interface that helps to list the products and services along with their relevant inventory properties.

This interface carries all goods and services. These objects can be displayed with all their essential properties. In order to buy such products, the users have to select a particular product according to their needs from this interface.

The stock manager helps to distribute the properties of products in WooCommerce by product ID, product name, and default sorting. This helps the entrepreneur to select the usable product according to their properties.

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager Key Features

  • Product Support

WooCommerce Stock Manager can support both simple and variable products. It means it does not matter even if an entrepreneur can sell high rated or low rated goods.

  • Management of Products

Administrators can manage all product stocks in the same window. This tool provides an interface where you can manage all the products at the same time.

  • Manage Sale Price

This tool helps administrators to manage the sales price of all products in the same window. By this, entrepreneurs can calculate the per day revenue generated after the sale.

  • Manage Marked Prices

Admin products can manage regularly marked prices. Marked prices are the prices that are calculated on the basis of Cost prices of a product.

  • Required Thumbnails

To view products that are available in the store, it will not require any credentials. The thumbnails of the entrepreneur can do the work of all credentials.

  • Easy Modification

Admin can set up the product name for both modifiable and simple product. This tool provides easy steps that help the entrepreneur to update the name of the products available on their store accordingly.

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager Pricing

Features Regular License – $29 Extended License – $225
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 12WooPOS Inventory Management

WooPOS Inventory Management Plugin

This software enables the entrepreneur to take orders from customers. With the help of this software, the staff is able to store the multiple number of orders of the customers at a particular time.

A WooPOS inventory management system is helpful for all the entrepreneurs to analyze the demand of a particular customer in order to fulfill the requirements. By using this plugin, entrepreneurs can reduce the complexity of their business.

It basically helps to build the wish-list of any customer. A wish list can be prepared with some basic requirements like the Name of a customer, Types of products, etc.

WooPOS Key Features

  • Order Fulfillment

It allows the entrepreneur to take the necessary steps in the fulfillment of inventory management. To manage all the stock includes required orders of the users, this software provides many warehouses from where the stock has to be fulfilled.

  • Multi-store Operations

It helps to manage multi-store operations. Multi-store operations include multiple transactions of purchase and sale. It basically includes all the orders made by the users in the store.

  • CRM Management

It helps in CRM management. Customer Relation Management is helpful for all the entrepreneurs to store the personal records of the customers.

  • Manage Purchases

It helps to manage the purchases done by the customers. By this plugin, we can easily store the transaction history done by any customer.

  • Manage Sales

It also helps us to find the exact point of time when the sale is done. It is easier for entrepreneurs to know the time of sale in order to calculate their revenue.

  • Secure Databases

Helps in securing cloud databases. Cloud databases can store all the transactions at the exact point of time.

  • Management of POS

Customization of products also done with the help of POS inventory management.

WooPOS Pricing

Features Regular License $99 Extended License $401
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 13ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

ATUM Inventory Management Plugin for Woocommerce

ATUM inventory management of WooCommerce is an advanced inventory management software for WooCommerce. This plugin provides a free version that lets you access complete control over the products from a single page.

Further on, this tool can change every aspect of WooCommerce inventory, supplier, weight, and whatnot.

This plugin includes the number of relevant features such as supplier management, small business report and PDF export for all the purchase orders. Further on, this plugin helps entrepreneurs when they try to update their products categories available in a store.

It also helps the users to create many number of purchase orders, set-up locations and find out the suppliers for their selected products.

Users can check all the products available on multiple stores from one screen at a particular point of time. Finally, an online businessman can take care of all the needs from this single platform.

ATUM Key Features

  • Change in Inventory

The inventory logs allow us to increase or reduce the stock of WooCommerce. This software helps to change the quantity of stock as well.

  • Custom Storage Locations

Create custom storage locations within the platform. Custom Storage location points out to the specific path where the data of any product or service is stored.

  • Easy Identification

This software has a feature of easier identification with image thumbnails.

  • Page Reloaded with no Change

Under this software, one more incredible feature is – The page reloads without losing the previously applied filter.

  • One Page Facility

All the WooCommerce products are available on one page. Users do not need to shift to multiple pages to locate different products. So, you can edit and update all the products of WooCommerce inventory management quickly and efficiently.

  • WooCommerce Support

All the variables and the subscriptions of different products are easily available because WooCommerce products are fully supported with ATUM inventory management.

ATUM Pricing

Features License 1 License 3 License 5
Quarterly – $20.25 Yearly – $54 Quarterly – $54 Yearly- $135 Quarterly- $67.50 Yearly- $202.50
Free Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Premium Customer Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
15% Renewal Discount Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Present for Yearly Renewals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 14WP Inventory Management WooCommerce

WP inventory management WooCommerce can work according to the shopping cart with no complexity” as stated on the WooCommerce plugins site.

WP Inventory Management Plugin for WooCommerce

This software has easy-to-use interface for all the entrepreneurs. With a simple drag and drop features and fully customizable labels, you can have full independence to control your inventory. With their WordPress site, eCommerce owners can display the inventory of their store exactly how they want.

As we all know, every business includes a number of products (goods and services) and the aim of all entrepreneurs is to manage their inventory on their own. This can be possible by using this plugin provided by WooCommerce.

The free version of WordPress inventory management provides the basic tools you need. You can display any number of items. But there is no limit to the number of items you can store and manage with the help of this plugin.

WP Inventory Management Key Features

  • Multiple Categories

There are multiple categories of a single product available in a store. This software helps entrepreneurs to easily manage all categories of each product.

  • Advanced Search Facility

This plugin provides many usable filters with the help of users can choose the exact products that they want to purchase according to their willingness.

  • Location Facility

This tool provides multiple warehouses where different categories of products are available. The users only have to select the number of products from different locations.

  • Easy Update

With the help of this plugin, we can easily set the permissions for delete, edit and update the items. This can reduce the complexity of setting up the product updates hassle.

  • Database Storage

With the help of this software, all the database tables should be separated for faster access. This makes it easy for all the entrepreneurs to retrieve the data of their desired products at any time.

  • Developers Friendly

This plugin is very easy for developers or the system should be developers-friendly with filters, hooks, and utility functions.

  • Compatibility

This is a must for each and every plugin that it must be compatible with all the operating systems like Mac Firefox, Mac Safari, Mac Chrome, PC Firefox, iPhone Safari, iPad Safari, and PC IE7.

Pricing of WP Inventory Management WooCommerce

Core License $29.99 All Access $149
License up to two websites Unlimited websites
All updates All updates
24/7 support 24/7 support
Multiple add-ons All add-ons

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 15WooCommerce Stock Inventory Management

WooCommerce Stock Inventory Management Plugin

WooCommerce stock inventory management is one of the unique WordPress inventory plugins that allows you to manage the stocks of all the products from one screen without having to tap into other screens. It gives you the power to efficiently manage the customer’s orders and your products.

Normally eCommerce stores have products of different categories. With piled-up products, it becomes pretty much impossible to manage them. With the help of this plugin, you can easily manage different categories of products from a single platform.

Using this tool you can manage stocks, back orders, stock positions, selling prices, regular prices, weights, and more for each product and its variation. All the products in the WooCommerce stock management can be filtered by product ID, product name, and default sorting.

WooCommerce Stock Inventory Management Key Features

  • Stock Report

It helps to generate a stock report. This stock report contains all the data of the company’s inventory management.

  • Transfer of Products

Import or export products from anywhere into your platform and manage everything hassle-free. All the items can be transferred from one place to another at the time of sale and purchase.

  • Usable Filters

This software provides a range of filters. The products can be filtered according to their name, ID, and categories.

  • Multi-Store Operations

This tool allows you to conduct multi-store operations. It provides a couple of warehouse numbers that help the entrepreneur to store all the products.

  • Fast & Easy Retail POS

This plugin is beautifully designed and with its POS system you can sell products to your customers at a lightning fast speed.

WooCommerce Stock Inventory Management Pricing

Features Regular License $29 Extended License $225
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 16Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Stock Sync Pro inventory management plugin

Stock synchronization for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce inventory management plugin that lets you synchronize your WooCommerce inventory with an external file. This plugin provides an optimum solution to deal with your stock updates.

If the quantity of the product or the stocks changes, then this plugin will generate a new quantity of stock from different stores. In other words, in order to increase the number of products, stock synchronization adds on new stock quantities from multiple stores.

Stock Sync for WooCommerce also allows you to share items quantities and status between two WooCommerce stores. Synchronize your inventory while updating your inventory volume from an external inventory file automatically. WooCommerce uses built-in APIs to communicate between plugin stores. It is as secure as any other WooCommerce plugins.

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce Key Features

  • Stock Synchronization

The stock information can be synchronized. It means that the information of the stock can be attuned to their categories, ID, names, etc.

  •  Price Update

The prices of your product should be changed according to the demand and supply in the market. This feature helps you to keep an optimum profit margin.

  • Required Credentials

There is a requirement for your username and password (credentials) to work with files that have confidential data about the products that you never want to share with your competitors.

  • Auto Update

Stock Sync for WooCommerce has an auto updation feature that prevents you from product over-stocking.

  • Addition of Fields

This plugin has a new feature that helps to add two quantity fields. These quality fields help the entrepreneur to store more information about the products.

  • Advance Update

This feature helps to update and alter the available products. Products that are not in stock cannot be updated.

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce Pricing

Features Regular License $15 Extended License $95
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 17Stitch

Stitch WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Stitch is advanced inventory management software that provides various facilities to cater advanced multichannel retailers. This tool also provides many useful features through which you can take control of all the inventory and product stocks available in your store. More than 25 million orders are processed by Stitch inventory management.

The best part about stitch is that it serves as powerful software for many e-commerce companies that have a centralized place to view the inventory available on multiple channels. So, you won’t need to wander to different sources to manage your multiple warehouses. With a single click, stitch allows you to do that.

You can allow the product to integrate with other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay so that whenever a customer places an order on Amazon and eBay, you can manage it from your dashboard.

Key Features of Stitch

Get yourself involved with the list of features offered by stitch,

  • Top-rated Functionality

With features like master of stock, push order fulfillment updates, creating new products, editing products, you can manage your inventory without a hassle.

  • Quality Customer Care Service

A 24/7 support team is available to resolve your questions. You can easily resolve all your doubts with a single click.

  • WooCommerce Integration Setup

Stitch allows you to easily set your WooCommerce integration with its WooCommerce 2.2 versions and 2.4 versions. You can easily manage your stocks at different platforms with a single installation.

  • Inventory Management

While you’re importing your product details from WooCommerce, then stitch will help you download the details like title, price, attributes, weight, tags, SKU and so on.

  • Order Management

The software will help you to keep your stocks updated which will further mitigate the issues with customer satisfaction. You can also easily manage your orders within a single dashboard.

  • Shipment Tracking

You can track your orders until it reaches your customer. The stitch shipment synchronization feature will help you to receive all the details of tracking on each order.

Stitch Pricing

Basic – $799/month High-Growth – $959/month Professional – $1119/month
Features Included; All features included in basic plan + All features included in high-growth plan +
Multi-Channel inventory and order management Custom Sales Channel Automated order splitting
Management of Pre-Order & Back Order Multi packs Advanced Purchase Orders
Organizing of Purchase Process 3 PL & WMS integration FIFO Costs and Landed Costs
More than 50 Pre-built reports 3 PL shipping & Receipts Smart Replenishment Report
Unlimited Sales channels, users Automatically manage Pre and Back Orders Routing Overflow

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 18WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock Inventory Management Plugin

WooCommerce out of stock manager is another best WooCommerce inventory management plugin that helps entrepreneurs to prevent product overstock and out-of-stock scenarios.If you’re looking for a flexible and powerful tool that allows you to customize low stock values to a product category set, then you’re at the right place.

WooCommerce out of stock manager helps you to access its custom value configuration for seamless operation at your inventory.When the stock of products reduces then it automatically warns you in advance.So, you can have additional time to manage the stock of your eCommerce store Needless to say that it is also WPML compatible.

It also allows you to edit your inventory operation directly from the WordPress dashboard. You can create a threshold to assign the particular value of a stock. If the value of their inventory is less than the value you assigned then it passes the message of warning to you.

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager Key Features

Gaze at some of the myriad features of WOSCOM plugin,

  • Custom Stock Facility

WooCommerce out of stock inventory management plugin is a great tool to assign custom stock value. It helps to set multiple and custom low stock values. Accordingly you can fulfill the supply of stock from the eCommerce store.

  • Dashboard Widget

It has a dashboard widget that provides all the facilities of product updation and deletion of items directly from the wordpress dashboard.

  • Stock Analysis

Stock analysis feature allows you to analyse the status of your products in the inventory. You can keep your customers happy as their favorite products will be on stock always. It’s all because of the stock analysis feature.

  • Quick Notification

The plugin keeps you notified via email. This is one of the best ways to generate info regarding the stock of a company.

  • WPML Compatible

WCOSM is entirely compatible with WPML. You can allow your eCommerce store to be accessed by global customers irrespective of their languages.

  • Quality Customer Support

WOSCOM allows you 6 months free support from vanquish. But, you can extend the support to 12 months with additional price.

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager Pricing

Features: Regular License – $16 Extended License – $95
Number of end products 1 1
Use in a free end product (more than one end user are allowed) Yes Yes
Use in a single end product Yes Yes
Use in an end product that sold No Yes
Use in stock items/templates No No
On-demand products and services One License Per each customized end product No

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 19Storepep

Storepep Inventory Management Plugin

Storepep is your one-stop-solution for all your issues pertaining to shipping. It provides full-stack multi-vendor support for WooCommerce users. The platform has integration with one of the leading multi-vendor solutions. E.g. – DOKAN multi-vendor. You won’t find a better alternative to storepep in terms of label printing and shipping rates. You will get myriad shipping features under one single package with storepep.

While using this WooCommerce plugin, you can display your own shipping rates calculated on the basis of geographical location, product quantity, and other relevant factors. Their simplified platform offers your customers easy checkout, print shipping labels, proactive tracking, and whatnot.

Storepep allows you to integrate shipping carriers like UPS, Fedex,, and all other major carriers. You will have full independence to define free shipping, flat rates, etc. as per your marketing strategies.

Key Features of Storepep

  • Integrate Shipping Classes

You can calculate shipping rates as per product quantity, and product types using this feature WooCommerce shipping classes.

  • Works on Checkout and Cart

Fully automate your shipping rates on the cart and offer seamless checkouts from your online store.

  • Complete Control Over Shipping Data and Process

You will have full access to your shipping data and all processes. Storepep will be using your own carrier account for shipping purposes; hence all data related to shipping will remain with you.

  • Ship Anywhere Around the World

Do business with global customers. Storepep helps you to find the right shipping solution for you. You can access any location with your shipping carrier.

  • Shopify Integration

Storepep allows you to integrate with shopify. You can seamlessly fulfill your customers order while integrating with shopify stores.

  • 24*7 Support

The best part of storepep is that it allows you a 24*7 customer service with unparalleled onboard experience.

Storepep Pricing

Up to 100 Orders – 

Up to 1000 Orders – $29/month
Up to 3000 Orders – $49/month
Unlimited Orders – $99/month
100 Orders 1000 Orders 3000 Orders Unlimited Orders.
All Selling Channel & Carriers All Selling Channel & Carriers All Selling Channel & Carriers All Selling Channel & Carriers
Unlimited Rates API Unlimited Rates API Unlimited Rates API Unlimited Rates API
Unlimited Tracking Updates Unlimited Tracking Updates Unlimited Tracking Updates Unlimited Tracking Updates
Live Chat Support Live Chat Support Live Chat Support Live Chat Support
On-Call Support On-Call Support On-Call Support On-Call Support

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 20Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory Management Plugin

Finale inventory offers you powerful order management features. You can finally manage all your products seamlessly within this single platform. Figure out the gross margins, consolidate sales, track product arrival  to your customers, and much more with the help of finale inventory. With its advanced order management feature, you can quickly create the purchase order, prevent stock outs, and calculate reordering orders.

Get real-time tracking of your inventory, up-to-date count for your products, and control the overall stock in your warehouses. It has a multichannel integration that allows you to keep your listings’ inventory counts on top-rated sites like – Amazon, eBay, and whatnot.

Finale Inventory Key Features

  • Powerful Inventory Control Software

With finale inventory’s advanced inventory control system, you can centralize your inventory tracking, integrate with enterprise software, filter your searches, and many more.

  • Multi-warehouse Inventory Management

Grow your business with multi-warehouse inventory management software. Manage stocks in multiple warehouses, access cloud inventory systems, track your inventory movement all quick and effortlessly.

  • Order Management Software

Finale inventory has perfectly designed seamless order management software. You can access real-time information, integrate and consolidate data, automate sales forecasting, and set different pricing tiers.

  • Cloud Inventory

Access better control over your inventory and make sure your business grows rapidly. With cloud inventory management systems, you can have a range of benefits for your organization.

  • Auto Update Inventory Stocks

Finale can be used to auto-update stock levels. You can change the levels of your stock and prevent overselling.

  • Scalable Support

Scale your business with finale inventory’s 24*7 support system. The platform is consistently improving to support higher volume of customers.

Finale Inventory Pricing


Silver Gold Platinum
Small Business eCommerce Barcoding Highly Integrated High Volume/Fortune 500
$99 / Month
or $999 paid annually
$275 / Month
or $2750 paid annually
$449 / Month
or $4490 paid annually
$649 / Month
or $6490 paid annually
Call for Pricing
Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity
2 users
1,000 orders/month *
2 integrations
100,000 items
6 users
5,000 orders/month *
4 integrations
100,000 items
8 users
10,000 orders/month *
8 integrations
100,000 items
12 users
20,000 orders/month *
Unlimited integrations
100,000 items

Custom configuration

Up to 300 users
Up to 800,000 order/mo
Up to 1.5 million items


Capabilities Capabilities Capabilities


Inventory Management
Order Management
Base Features
Inventory Management
Order Management
Base Features
Inventory Management
Order Management
Barcoding (4 licenses)
Base Features
Inventory Management
Order Management
Barcoding (8 licenses)
API Access **
SPS Commerce EDI ***
Base Features

Master service agreement (MSA)

Advanced security controls

Service Service Service Service Service
2 training sessions
Email support
4 training sessions
Email support
Phone support
6 training sessions
Email support
Phone support
Advanced training
Priority email support
Database import
Dedicated account manager

Custom feature development

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 21MRPeasy

MRPeasy Inventory Management Plugin

Undoubtedly, WooCommerce is a great tool when it comes to creating an online store. But, managing inventory can be a tough call here.

As we have discussed before that there are a lot of gaps people face while working in the WooCommerce interface and one of these is inventory management. Therefore, we’re here talking about the WooCommerce inventory management plugins that help you to simplify the entire process.

MRPeasy inventory management plugin is one of the most advanced and feature-rich WooCommerce plugins for inventory.

It has a good number of free features as well as an endless number of premium features that will make the process of inventory management to the next level.

The best part is that it allows you to check all the products under one page. So, you won’t need to wander here and there to manage multiple stocks. Let’s gaze at the detailed features below,

MRPeasy Key Features

  • Safety of Customer Information

For privacy concerns, MRpeasy plugin keeps customer information in a safe place. This means, when a customer signs up in WooCommerce, MRpeasy will help him create generic details in MRpeasy CRM. So, users can use it for all other orders.

  • Unlimited Free Features

This WooCommerce inventory management plugins have these unlimited free features. Although you can add on later but the free features are sufficient to manage inventory efficiently.

  • PDF Export Support

MR peasy offers free pdf export support. This means you can add even decimals to your stock quantities to maintain the standard of precision.

  • Integration with Other Platforms

MRPeasy allows users to integrate his plugin with other major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. So, you can manage all your products from a single dashboard.

MRPeasy Pricing


Professional Enterprise Unlimited
$49 $69 $99 $149

first 10 users only


first 10 users only


first 10 users only


first 10 users only

Users: Unlimited

Support: Ticket System

Users: Unlimited

Support: Ticket System

Users: Unlimited

Support: Ticket System

Users: 2 to unlimited

Support: Ticket System

Functions: Functions: Functions: Functions:

Main functions

Main functions + Professional functions Main functions + Professional functions + Enterprise functions Main functions + Professional functions + Enterprise functions
  • Production Planning and Reporting
  • Dynamic Rescheduling
  • Reporting via Internet-Kiosk
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Workforce Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Standard Accounting
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Global Reach
  • Co-product BOM
  • Custom Fields
  • Expiry Date
  • BOM with parameters (Matrix BOM)
  • Overlap and Special Sequence of Production Operations
  • Parallel Execution of Production Operations
  • Piece Payment
  • Quality Control
  • Serial Numbers
  • Subcontracting
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Approval System
  • Barcode System: Printing and Scanning Barcodes
  • Backward Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS)
  • Multiple Stocks
  • Multiple Production Sites
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Revision/Version Control System
  • Sales Management
  • Approval System
  • Barcode System: Printing and Scanning Barcodes
  • Backward Production Scheduling
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS)
  • Multiple Stocks
  • Multiple Production Sites
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Revision/Version Control System
  • Sales Management
Integrations: QuickBooks Online, Xero, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Pipedrive Integrations Integrations Integrations + API, webhooks (for paid accounts)

Limits: unlimited

Users beyond 10 – $49/10 users No module-based pricing No contracts No hidden fees

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 22PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Inventory Management Plugin

Another brilliant extension for the WooCommerce inventory management plugin is the PW WooCommerce bulk edit. It simplifies the entire process of inventory management and provides an ease to the user. Users can manage the entire page from a single view window.

Aside from that, the free version of this plugin is also loaded with unlimited features. This means you can easily integrate your eCommerce store with this plugin and enjoy the free unlimited features.

The personalized dashboard allows the user to perform with a better workflow system. Apart from that, the coupons and other modifications of orders allow users to easily manage their inventory. Let’s take a look at the other features,

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Key Features

  • Single Screen Interface

PW WooCommerce bulk edit has a single screen interface which means you can bring all your products in one place. This makes the process easier as you can manage all of them from a single platform.

  • Modern Search Feature

Previously even with a single-screen interface, it becomes quite a hassle for users to find the exact product. Especially when the inventory contains innumerable products, the process becomes more complicated. But, the PW WooCommerce plugin has modern search features that help you ease the search process.

  • Bulk Edit

This plugin allows you to bulk edit products. You no longer have to waste your time editing every single product.

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pricing

The pricing of PW WooCommerce bulk edit start at $49. It also comes with a free version available on but that free version is limited with the features of managing the inventory.

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro

PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro PW WooCommerce Bulk Edit Pro
Single Site 5 Sites Unlimited Sites
$49 $79 $199

Every Pro license includes:

1 year of support

1 year of upgrades

Unlimited use – Plugin does NOT expire, it’s yours forever!

Till now, you have well-known about WooCommerce Inventory management software. Now let’s take a look at some additional information like types of inventory management software and advantages of using WordPress inventory plugins;

Types of Inventory Management

When it comes to the classification of the WooCommerce inventory management process, there are basically four types of them.

  • Raw material
  • Finished goods
  • Work-in-progress
  • Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) goods.

Let’s discuss in a bit detail…

  1. Raw Material

Raw material contains the items used to manufacture components or finished goods. For example, a candle making business may need raw materials like wicks, wax, and a decorative ribbon. However, these raw material items can be generated directly through your business or purchased from a supplier.

  1. Finished Goods

Finished goods are items that are completely manufactured and ready to be sold. For example, candles themselves.

  1. Work-in-Progress

As the name says – work-in-progress, these items are unfinished. It means that they are not yet ready for sale. If we take the example of candle making business, work in progress indicates those candles that are not yet completely manufactured or packaged.

  1. MRO Goods (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations)

These are the items that are used to support and facilitate the production of the finished good.

For example, In candle making business, all the disposable molds that are used to make candles come in MRO (Maintenance, repair, and operations) inventory.

That’s it!

But still, you must be thinking about the efficiency of the automation process. Right?

Well, let’s talk about that too!

Advantages of Plugins in Managing the WooCommerce Store’s Stock

Using WooCommerce inventory management plugins means dealing with time and difficulties. A WordPress inventory plugin makes your work much easier and saves a lot of time for you. You can fully automate the inventory management process including managing stock level in real-time, stock order and reorder, product deliverable, etc.

Along with this, here are some of the unavoidable advantages that you can wield from a WooCommerce plugin,

  • Stock Level Updates in Real-Time

You probably know the value of timely action in your real life, similarly, it plays an important role in maintaining the workflow of your online store.

For example, many times the stock of your online store runs out and you are not even aware of the scenario. This leads you to lose a good number of sales.

Finally, you may be late in updating your product when your store runs out of stock, but a plugin cannot delay. It updates your products automatically as per the latest availability.

  • Automation

You can implement any plan manually when you have a complete plan of action. But when we talk about inventory management software then it gives you the scope of automation right from stock update to marketing.

With a WooCommerce inventory management plugin, you can update products in bulk. Also, you can change product prices immediately, status, shipping-related details for orders, check product status, various prices, description, weight, group of products.

  • Having a Number of Sales Channels

The basic aim of a businessman is to create multiple sales channels. But oftentimes we find ourselves in the midst of nowhere while managing these channels. The innumerable data is not an easy-breezy task to handle. But, it seems too easy when you start using WooCommerce stock management plugins. These plugins also help you to manage the physical store’s data as well.

  • Supply Chain

In this competitive online world where the user’s expectation is constantly evolving, a back-dated product list only deteriorates the image of your brand. But, it’s not easy to keep the product updated manually as per their availability.

But with a plugin, you can stock and update large amounts of products in your store.

The sales reports can be readily available from your WooCommerce store, but the physical store does not easily update it.

How Inventory Management for WooCommerce Software Helps Entrepreneurs?

For entrepreneurs, managing stocks manually is a tedious and error-prone process. Modern technology provides great tools to deal with this problem and other challenges of inventory management. With the integration of WooCommerce inventory management plugins, businesses can be empowered.

As we have discussed above, to manage the inventory of any organization manually is not an easy task. So, people tend to bend towards plugins. But, the main challenge of any entrepreneur is to choose the right tool according to the relevance of their business. If you are looking for the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins then here is the ultimate list.

We have introduced here the unrivaled inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. Let’s take a look at the list of such plugins;


Managing the inventory of an e-store is a sales-improving factor. Hence it is most important for a WooCommerce store owner to avail the help of a plugin to enhance efficiency.

But you can perform such a hectic task seamlessly with the help of a plugin.

But, as there are innumerable WordPress inventory plugins for the same, choosing the best is quite a challenging task.

Firstly we recommend you TradeGecko because this is the best of the best plugins that fulfill all the requirements of your store.

Secondly, we suggest Katana MRP, is another noteworthy plugin that allows you to manage your inventory. That’s it!

I hope the blog is helpful to you. Share your opinion with us using the comment section provided below.