Setup WordPress Podcast; How to Start a Podcast on Your Website in Two20

Setup WordPress Podcast; How to Start a Podcast on Your Website in Two20

Podcast has become a new way of transferring information in this digital age. Considering the reducing attention span of consumers, people are now shifting their focuses towards setting up podcasts.

The reason is that it’s easier.

Anyone can listen to podcasts on the go.

Above all, it’s an effective way of marketing.

So, are you looking to start your own podcast? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place then. We’ll be covering up the details here starting from how to start your first WordPress podcast, what plugins you need, how podcasts work, and whatnot.

So, you’re just a read away from getting started on your first WordPress podcast.

Let’s get started without wasting a single precious minute.

What is a WordPress Podcast & How Does it Work?

Podcast is an audio file that you embed on your WordPress site and users can download them and listen to it on the go.

Mostly podcasts are an episodic series containing either educational points to update users about a product or it can be entertaining or anything.

There are no hard and fast rules for starting your podcast. You can set this up on nearly any topic that you like or have expertise in.

But, in order to make this podcast work on your website, it needs to have an RSS Feed and podcasts must be in audio files.

If you’re trying to figure out what an RSS Feed is then, it helps your users to subscribe to your podcasts and whenever you upload it on your site, users will get notified.

Most people have this craze for setting up WordPress podcasts because WordPress has an in-built RSS feed system. So, it’s easier to get started on the WordPress site.

Note: You need to equip yourself with the tools to set up a podcast and publish it on your site. This includes a WordPress blog or website and recording equipment.

What Topic Should You Choose for Your Podcasts?

There are a variety of topics available for podcasts. If you’re finding it hard to figure out what podcast niche you should choose, you can follow the process.

  • Your Goal – Ask yourself, what do you want to serve through your podcast? It could be making your audience learn something or entertaining them or anything.
  • Know Your Audience – Research your audience group. What kind of audience do you have on your website or do you want to target? This will give you a clear idea of what they really want.
  • Write it Down – Note every point as you conclude your research. It will help you to narrow down the entire concept later on or divide them into the part by part series.

You’ll definitely land on your first topic through this process. So, move along with us for the next part.

Note: There might be popular podcasts on your niche but don’t get bogged down by the peer pressure. You too can attract your audience through your unique insights.

How to Make a Podcast Website?

As we have said, whatever website you choose for your podcast, it needs to have an RSS feed. So, we recommend using as it has built-in RSS Feed. It will reduce your chances of making rookie mistakes.

WordPress is the best solution as it will let you customize your design, layouts, and everything. You can install plugins and make money from your podcast. All you need a web host and a domain name.

Typically web hosting costs between $9.99-$14.99 on a monthly basis. Thankfully, Bluehost offers affordable packages for businesses of all scales. Also, it’s recommended by WordPress as one of the best hosting providers. You can read our guide here if you have issues while logging into Bluehost.

Getting Started With a Media Hosting

Now you need a standard media hosting service to support your large number of audio files. Hosting services provide you space to store your data and when you’re starting a podcast, it means there will be large audio files.

If you ignore the media hosting part, then these large data will create pressure on your site and reduce the page loading speed.

So, we recommend you using Blubrry for the best experience. It’s a podcast specific media server which means it will give you the best user experience. Besides, it has other reasons to convince you,

  • Blubrry is perfectly optimized for WordPress podcasts. You can integrate your site with Blubrry Powerpress that makes your site easily manageable.
  • The forums consist of successful podcasters. So, anytime you face an issue, they are just a type away.
  • Blubrry has integration with other tools like iTunes, ID3, automatic media artwork management, etc.

Step By Step Process to Kick Start Podcasting On Your WordPress Site

So, we’ll be covering up every step from creating your content ideas to publish it on the site, and making money from it. Let’s get started,

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 1Your First Podcast Episode

Okay! So, you’re all set to start your first podcast. But, there are a few steps you need to follow to precisely and professionally conclude your first episode.

  • Choosing A Content

We have discussed the ways to choose a niche. You can follow the process to land on your niche keeping your target audience in your mind. Once you choose a niche, you can either create an outline of your first episode or you can write down the entire script. Professionally writing down the script will help you better curate the podcast while avoiding the glitches.

  • Choosing Episode Length

The next is to choose the length of the episode. Typically podcasts can be as short as 15 minutes to as long as 1 hour. There are no hard and fast rules behind this length. Or there is no ideal length. It depends on your content format. If you have something to tell at a stretch then no need to worry about the length of the podcast. However, don’t stretch it too far and make it dull.

  • Choosing Media

Of course, podcasts are not simple conversations. You can make it fun and interesting for your audience by adding a dramatic effect. So, you can download theme music and add them later. There are lots of sites where you can obtain copyright-free images.

So, you’re all set to record your first podcast. Let’s move along with step no 2

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 2Record it With a Software

You can’t randomly record your podcast as it won’t allow you to edit later. While recording the podcast there might be glitches and breaks. So, the software will allow you to edit them later and help you come up with a professional podcast.

We recommend using Audacity as your recording software. Its user-friendly interface makes the editing process much easier for newbies.

So, record your podcast without worrying about any awkward pauses, coughing, glitches, or anything.

Also, you can import background music from files>import and add a dramatic effect to your podcast.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 3Export The Podcast File

After you’re done with the podcast recording part, you have to export the audio files. Mostly, people use the eMP3 format because it’s typically smaller in size and has good sound quality.

If you’re recording podcasts along with a number of series, then name the files accordingly. Else it can be complicated while uploading the files on WordPress site.

It’s best to use number format along with file names. For example, if it’s a marketing niche then you can name your file like MPD001.mp3.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 4Integrate Podcast to Your WordPress Site

Once you’ve successfully created your first podcast, it’s time to publish it on your WordPress site. Don’t keep wondering how to do it, because we’re here to guide you. So, follow the step by step process to publish the podcast on your site.

  • Log into WordPress admin.
  • Activate the Blubrry Powerpress podcasting plugin. If you don’t have it then install it first and activate it.
  • Head over to the Powerpress menu from the WordPress dashboard. Here you have to configure your media hosting server with hosting services. So, you will be redirected to the hosting service integration page where you have to provide your email and password.
  • Next, you have to put the information on the setting page. Here you can provide your podcast title and iTunes field. This Itunes description will be used for your podcast’s RSS feed. Save changes and it’s ready to publish.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 5Upload Media Files

Even if it’s ready to publish, it still requires you to follow some additional steps before uploading the podcast on your WordPress site. The best way to integrate podcasts to your WordPress site is by uploading the file to your hosting service at first.

  • So, log in to your media hosting server and head over to the podcaster dashboard.
  • Click on upload new files under hosting section
  • You will be directed to another page, where you have to click “upload new media files”
  • Once you are done, then you are fully prepared to upload the podcast on your WordPress site.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 6Setting Up WordPress Podcast Plugin

Without the plugin, the process of playing the podcast directly from your website is quite complicated. So, it’s better to use the plugin to do it hassle-free. It’s actually the best way to integrate podcasts with your WordPress website.

Previously, podcast player plugins used to provide terrible user experience for your users. Therefore we recommend you using the smart podcast player that embeds your podcast directly on your website and users can listen to it without getting directed anywhere.

The plus point is that it’s responsive to all devices, so whether your users have a smartphone or a laptop, he can have the best experience with this plugin.

Upon activation of this plugin, head over to setting>smart podcast player page, and enter the license key. Now click on the “player defaults”.

A page will open up where you have to provide a podcast feed URL. Primarily you have to provide a URL of your Powerpress.

And save changes to store the changes.

Now head over to Powerpress>setting and disable the Powerpress media player from “display media & links”.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 7Publish Your Podcast On WordPress

Finally, everything is in proper order and you’re all set to launch your first podcast in your WordPress site. Follow the simple process to publish your new show on your sit,

  • Head over to WordPress dashboard, open posts>add new.
  • We will create a separate category for these podcasts to help users navigate easily.
  • From the add new section, you’ll scroll down to the page’s bottom and find the podcast episode box.
  • If you have been using Blubrry as your media hosting server then there will be a blue icon “link to media hosted on You’ve to click on that else you can paste the podcast URL and simply paste there and verify it.
  • Now head over to the top and edit the title and description of the podcast from the visual editor.
  • When you open that visual editor, there will be SPP and STP buttons. These buttons are from a smart podcast player plugin. The SPP button helps the user to play all the podcasts one by one.
  • But, if you don’t have a bunch of episodes, then click on the STP button. TI will play specific episodes only. You have to provide the media URL that you want your users to play.

You’re all set to hit the publish button. NOW preview and publish.

WPLearningSpot Serial Numbers 8Publish Your Podcast on iTunes

If your website is new and doesn’t drive a significant number of organic traffic then you need to publish your podcast on other sites as well to increase your subscriber base. We recommend submitting your podcast on iTunes. It has the largest number of the user base.

But before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you have to preview the podcast on iTunes. So, head over to File>subscribe to the podcast and enter the feed URL.

Once it fetches all your feed data, it will show a preview of how the podcast will appear on Itune. If everything is good to go, then head over to your laptop and download iTune.

Now follow the simple process to submit your podcast on iTunes,

  • Open the iTunes application and click on the store button.
  • Click on the podcast menu and find quick link section
  • Click on the “submit a podcast” and provide your apple Id and submit it to the directory.
  • You have to submit the URL of the feed which already has all the tags and descriptions.
  • Click submits upon adding the link.
  • The review team will check the podcast and upload it to the directory and they will notify via mail.


Congratulations on your first podcast journey. You have successfully uploaded the podcast on your website and iTunes. Now, wait for your users to hear the audio and give you a thumbs up for your extraordinary work.

There are other advantages of using podcasts like you can make money from it. All you have to do is to monetize your podcast. You can empower your marketing strategy, you can sell your products, you can affiliate product links and earn commission and whatnot.

So, if you have found this article useful in creating your podcast for your WordPress site, don’t forget to comment down below and share your thoughts.

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