Ultimate Customer Engagement Tactics: Create Surveys and Quizzes in WordPress

Don’t you love to attend an interesting quiz that allows you to spend your boring time?

Don’t worry! We’re not talking about those boring school life quizzes that used to deal with general knowledge.

Your website is not a place for those awful test exam quizzes. Isn’t it?

Quizzes can be deployed in a funnier and interactive way. Especially in this pandemic time when people are bored at home, figuring out what to do next- an interesting quiz can be a great way to get the clock ticking for them.

And it’s a great way to know your user’s behavior and persona by soliciting the feedback from the visitors.

Basically, quizzes are a set of online forms that calculate the responses when a user inputs a certain field and then it shows the result.

You can create a variety of quizzes depending on your user’s persona.

For example, if you have a sports website, then you can create sports quizzes that our users will enjoy. Or if you have a shopping site, then creating fashion quizzes can draw the interest of others.

But, how will you create surveys and quizzes in WordPress?

It may seem an intricate task to create a quiz for your own website. But, trust me, it’s one of the simplest things you will ever do in life.

We’ve created this blog tutorial to help you with the online quiz creation process on your website to engage more profoundly with your customers.

To get started with the quiz creation, you will need 3 prerequisite things,

  • A WordPress Website – This is a primary requirement for creating a quiz on your website. You need to install WordPress in your system and build a website of your own.
  • WordPress Theme – Subsequent to installing WordPress and creating a website, the following step is to install a WordPress theme. There are multiple free to premium themes you can choose from. We would recommend using the Revo theme as it’s one of the best themes if you have an eCommerce website.
  • A WordPress Plugin – The last but crucial requirement is a WordPress plugin. There are a couple of plugins you can choose from the WordPress repository.

In this blog tutorial, we have used the Formidable Forms Plugin as it’s considered one of the best solutions for quiz makers.

Formidable forms provide advanced WordPress solutions to cater to all the requirements of the user. The powerful yet simplified drag and drop feature helps you get going without any hassle.

In fact, you will love to work with this plugin. The powerful interface can be used to create surveys and quizzes in WordPress.

So, let’s take a look at how you do that without any further ado!

Note: You’ll have to purchase the “business” plan to avail the quiz maker addon. Formidable Form plugin doesn’t have this feature under its fermium plan.

Install the Plugin

As we have told earlier that formidable forms plugin doesn’t have a free version for quiz creation. So, activate the business plan to add on the quiz maker.

Now follow the steps right after installing the plugin and activating it.

Head over to WP dashboard>plugins>formidable forms>addons>install.

It will show you an image like this,

Wait a few seconds after clicking on the install button.


You’ve successfully installed the prerequisite addon and now you’re all set to proceed further.

Create Quizzes with the Quiz Maker

Now when you are all set to make the quiz, it’s time to head over to the plugin again and select forms. Now click on the “add new” section. The page will appear like this,

When you will click on the “add new” section, you will notice different form types like create a blank form, choose a template, and import form. Check out the page,

Click on the “create blank form” as you will be able to customize the form as per your choice. Once you click on that, the page will direct you to the form building interface that looks like this,

From here, you can create multiple quizzes like personality quizzes, satisfaction tests, knowledge tests, etc.

Note: Prior to creating the quiz, make sure you have all your questions and answers prepared. This saves up your time while quiz building.

Now, name your quiz in the field. If you want to make a personality quiz, add similar questions. It’s a simple drag and drop feature. So, the button you want to add you just drag it from the right and drop it on the field.

Generally, a quiz contains a “dropdown” field where you add multiple options. To add the dropdown box, first, add the question and then drag the drop-down box and add it in the form. We will show you how to add the multiple responsive fields like dropdown or radio buttons on the right side of the form field.

To add more options, click on the “add option” from there and create your first quiz question. The same process can be applied if you want to add questions.

Now it’s time to add the “quiz score” field. Drag the quiz score from the right and place it on the form. You will notice information like this,

The quiz score field lets the user find out the right answer at the end of the quiz and they get a score on the basis of their performance.

To add your answer, click on the “add on entity”.  Now a page will open where you can see all the questions you have put earlier.

Ok! So now all you have to do is to put the correct answers here or you can choose from the options. Later when a user participates in this quiz the plugin will evaluate the answer based on the entries you are providing here.

Now add a tick mark by clicking on the “set this entry as the quiz answer key”. Then enter the quiz name and click the submit button.

Once you’re done with all the entites, head over to the form creation page. Now click on the “setting”.

Now the general setting page will open up. You can set the message you want your users to see after completing the quiz. You can scroll down to “messages” and set the message you want.

Once you’re done with the phase, click on the submit button.  Now the next step is as follow,

Adding Quiz to the Website

After successfully creating the quiz form, you are set to add it to your website. Let’s follow the process as the tutorial shows,

Go to the page section>add new (from WP dashboard)

Now add the titles and click on the choose block icon. You will be directed to the widget tab from here,

From this widget page, click on the formidable forms widget and the plugin will add a block to the page area. Now simply click on the dropdown menu and select the form.

Now allow some time to load the image on your page and once you are done you can publish the page.

TADA!! Your first WordPress quiz is now live on the website. You can wait for the users to start participating.

How to Make an Interactive Quiz Using a Free WordPress Plugin

A lot of you may think of opting for a free WordPress plugin to create quiz online for friends to test your ability to make a quiz section. So, we will help you in this tutorial to create a quiz for your WordPress site using a free plugin.

We’ll be using the WP Pro quiz plugin for this tutorial. It’s a free plugin and you may download it from the WordPress repository.

Once you are done with the installation, head over to WP Dashboard>wp-pro-quiz>global setting.

Click on the WP-pro-quiz option. The page will open like this,

You can see two options here; “add quiz” and “import”.

Since you will learn to build quizzes on your own, we’ll go with the “add quiz” option.

Once you click on the “add quiz” option you’ll be required to set up the title and category of the quiz. You can change the setting from here. For example, you can show or hide the quiz title or hide the “restart quiz button”, etc.

You will get to choose all the relevant options that a quiz has like setting the time limit for each question, limiting the quiz after once, etc.

Let’s take a look at the independence of choice you can make through this setting,

  • You can set up multiple options for each question.
  • You can choose the way you want your user to see the message after the quiz ends.
  • The quiz displaying interface can be edited. You can either choose to show right or wrong once the quiz ends.
  • You can add an option to activate the leaderboard where users can enter their scores publicly.

Once you’re done with the setting part click on the submit button and head over the further process. Now click on the plugin again and go to the quiz section to copy the shortcode.

Paste the shortcode on the page where the quiz will show up. Now you will be done with creating a quiz on your WordPress page too with a free plugin.


Undoubtedly quizzes can be a great way to create customer engagement.

Knowingly or unknowingly people want to get involved with your brand if they find it interesting and helpful. So, when you create surveys and quizzes in WordPress, it opens up the doorway for them to engage with you.

You can collect the visitor’s email address and advance your marketing plan to convert them further into customers.

If you have found this article useful, don’t mind letting us know your thoughts. Now get started with the quiz creation process!!!